Why Stevie Wonder Can’t Stop Extending His Tour

Stevie Wonder appeared this morning in Washington, D.C. He played a few songs to promote the extension of his tour. Stevie Wonder will continue his Songs In The Key of Life Performance tour in the United States. Stevie started the tour last November, only to extend it earlier this year, and then to announce he will extend it again into later this year. So, fans will have more chances to see Stevie perform tracks off classic material.

The current tour is based off Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life. He released it as a double-album in 1976. It’s among Wonder’s most popular works. That’s why fans continue to pack into concerts to see him perform, and why he hasn’t been able to end the tour.

Rolling Stone spoke about how Stevie Wonder got the concept for the tour.

“Wonder first attempted the feat of playing the diamond-selling double-album in its entirety in late 2013 at his annual House Full of Toys benefit concert. ‘Truly, I wanted to do this for years,’ he said at the event. Prior to the show, he revealed to Rolling Stone that he had been planning on reviving the album live for at least eight or nine years.”

It’s not just the fans, but Stevie himself who can’t get enough of this album. Stevie further told Rolling Stone how he approaches his music.

“The album has just inspired me. When I listen to my music, I listen to really see if I still feel the same way. When I listen to Songs in the Key of Life or Talking Book or Innervisions or any of the things I’ve done in the past, I listen to measure how I feel and how I see the world… and it gives me a lot of optimism.”

In 2014, Wonder made 11 stops across the United States to perform. In January this year, Stevie decided to add to that with 11 additional performances that began in March and ended in April with a final show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

But today’s surprise performance in Washington, D.C., is just an indicator that Wonder and this tour aren’t going anywhere yet. Stevie will be performing 20 more dates in the United States, along with some Canada shows. He hasn’t totally revealed when and where. But he did say he’ll return to Washington, D.C., for a an October 3 performance at the Verizon Center. Other dates are slowly being revealed.

Wherever Stevie performs a paid concert next, he’s sure to let fans know plenty in advance. So, fans not lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time for free concerts, like today, can try to book tickets online and get the full Stevie Wonder experience.

[Photo by Kris Connor / Getty Images]