Alien Abduction: Mexican Grandad Claims Aliens In UFO Chased Him And Tried To Abduct Him

Police found a Mexican grandad and pensioner, Francisco Acosta Tostada, 68, on the roadside late in the night, delirious and with serious head injuries. He told officers that he crashed his bicycle into the bush after aliens in a UFO chased him from the sky, knocked him off his bicycle, and tried to abduct him.

According to the Mexican Imagen del Golfo, earlier in the month, a local mechanic, Policarpio Carvajal, was driving on the highway near the city of Paso de Ovejas in the Mexican state of Veracruz when he found Tostada lying in the bush on the roadside. He alerted police and emergency services.

Police officers said they found Tostada by the highway with a deep, bloody gash on the side of his head and his shirt blood-soaked. He looked confused and disoriented — “out of his mind” — when he told officers that he was riding late in the night on his bicycle along the highway when a UFO descended from out of the sky and ran him over.

According to Tostada, “aliens in the craft were trying to kidnap” him. But he was able to avoid the aliens after crashing his bicycle into the bush.

Police said they looked and found no evidence of a UFO or aliens in the vicinity. Investigators suggested that he might have been attacked by coyotes. But locals said his head injuries did not look like they were caused by coyotes or other known wild animals in the area.

Emergency service workers took him to a hospital in La Antigua before he was moved to a regional hospital in Cardel for further treatment.

The incident left Tostoda so scared that after he was released from the hospital, he refused to leave his home out of fear that the UFO might return.

“A UFO tried to abduct me and run me over. I am too scared to go out now in case it comes back.”

But the local media noted that besides reports of UFO-related cattle mutilation incidents in 2002, reports of UFO sightings are rare in Paso de Ovejas and environs. The area is better known for drug-related crime and violence. It has the reputation of one of the most dangerous areas in Mexico.

Although it has only 7,000 residents, more than 58 murders have been reported in the area this year alone.

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