‘No Waist Clique’ And Kim Zolciak In A Waist Trainer Featured On GMA

Previously, fans saw the teaser video for waist training on GMA, as reported by the Inquisitr. During the Monday, August 17, GMA segment around 8:20 a.m. ET, that waist training segment finally aired on GMA. The downfall for the segment about waist trainers involved what some would say isn’t true: pop on a waist trainer and with no exercise, wearers will find themselves thinner or shapelier. Exercise fans would beg to differ, knowing that the combination of waist trainers and weight lifting can be a boon — but not necessarily performing waist training during cardio workouts, which could make gym participants faint.

The GMA article about waist training has been published, as reported by ABC News. And 37-year-old Kim was shown in the GMA segment, wherein the mother of six said she looked very “Betty Boop-ish” in her favorite waist trainer from the (warning: NSFW butt lifter pics ahead) No Waist Clique. Zolciak talked about the waist trainers helping her curves last even when she doesn’t wear the waist trainers, such as during a recent vacation.

Kim said that when she doesn’t wear her waist trainer for a few days, her shape remains the same. Even when she went on her honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas with her husband, Kim said she didn’t wear her “No Waist Clique” waist trainer for the whole 7 days, and her shape still remained the same. The doctor featured on GMA said the waist training results are really temporary, even though studies from women who’ve worn corsets for years show that they have trained their waists smaller.

No Waist Clique didn’t get back to GMA about some of the concerns doctors have had about waist trainers, such as pinched nerves or de-conditioning of the spine. One assumes that de-conditioning would only come in the instances of those who don’t work the muscles supporting the spine through strength training.

The No Waist Clique site owners told GMA that all of their customers experienced excellent permanent results, and the No Waist Clique spokesperson said that their waist trainers provide users with improved posture, back support and the ability to tighten their abs.

Either way, the No Waist Clique products are likely getting a good workout from web heads who’ve watched the GMA segment and are now heading over to the No Waist Clique website to find out more about their waist trainers. A cursory look at the No Waist Clique products shows waist trainers and other products priced from around $80 to $100 each.

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