Waist Training On GMA: ‘Good Morning America’ Takes On The Waist Trainers Trend

On Sunday evening, promos of GMA‘s waist training segment teased Good Morning America viewers about their upcoming report on waist trainers. As fans of waist training know, it is a big business that has made women like PreMadonna famous in the world of waist training, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Besides famous women like Kim Kardashian — who has hawked plenty of waist trainers on Instagram — there are famous women like Kim Zolciak who’ve done the same thing. As reported by the Daily Mail, Kim posted Instagram photos of herself when she was done filming her Good Morning America segment about waist trainers.

When Kim hits GMA, she’ll tout the “No Waist Clique,” a waist-training corset that claims to help wearers slim down their middles by wearing the trainers.

Our Waist Shaper Corsets can instantly give you the appearance of a slim, curvy waist while also training your waist to maintain an hourglass figure all year round.

Checking the Good Morning America site should eventually show more current GMA videos about waist trainers than the previous reports about waist training featured on GMA. Those include articles such as the one titled “Women Squeeze Into ‘Corset Diet’ for Extreme Weight Loss,” as reported by Good Morning America, all the way back in 2013.

Now that waist training has grown exponentially with the proliferation of waist trainers and celebrities promoting the “Waist Gang Society” and coupon codes on Instagram, it was time for an update. The waist trainers, at least the ones touted by celebrities, usually don’t come cheap. While waist training corsets can run upward of $150 or so, plenty of the waist trainers found on sites like Ali Express are much cheaper.

A scroll through Instagram shows the continued popularity of the trend. The #waisttraining hashtag enjoys more than 600,000 posts. Plenty of those photos include selfies of women wearing their waist shapers or trainers — along with those selling them.

The Instagram hashtag #waisttrainer has more than 250,000 posts. Some photos found under that hashtag prove that the trend isn’t only about vanity nor gaining the perfect hourglass figure. Certain women prefer wearing the waist trainers as a means of back support when lifting heavy weights in the gym, and yes, to also slim down their abs.

With the current beauty trends of slim waists and healthy backsides showing no signs of slowing down, the waist training trend likely will continue ahead at full steam as well.

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