Bangkok, Thailand Bomb: Explosions Rock City Amid Political Clashes, Video Shocking

A popular destination spot in Bangkok, Thailand, was rocked by a violent bomb blast on Monday. The explosion, reportedly detonated from a motorcycle bomber, left at least 12 dead and scores injured, according to a USA Today report.

Witnesses reported seeing a large explosion during rush hour traffic in front of the Erawan Shrine at the Rajprasong intersection. The Hindu shrine is a site heavily frequented by locals and tourists.

A reporter on the scene in the aftermath of the Bangkok bomb explosion described carnage and mayhem. There are reports of “body parts scattered everywhere,” and an enormous crater left at the center of the blast in Thailand. According to a BBC News report, people gathered at the site of the popular shrine experienced the “full force of the blast.” Deputy national police chief Aek Angsananond, spoke briefly with reporters near where the bomb was detonated.

Bangkok officials have not mentioned any suspected terror cell or if the bombing was the work of a lone wolf. However, today’s explosion in Thailand comes on the heels of fighting among political factions. Just last May, Thailand’s government was overthrown in a military coup. Since then, General Prayut Chan-o-cha, commander of the Royal Thai Army, was elected as prime minister. One of his first initiatives was to “crack down” on any person or group criticizing the government.

Reportedly, among the dozen or so dead are tourists. However, their nationalities are unknown, and it’s unclear if they were specifically targeted by the motorcycle bomber. Thai officials have issued warnings in the past to tourists to be extra vigilant when visiting areas in and around Bangkok.

According to a previous report from Inquisitr, a U.K. couple was murdered on Koh Tao last year in September. At the time, since 2009, 11 British visitors had been killed in Thailand.

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