Sean Bean Arrested For Harassing Ex-Wife

Niki Cruz

The Game of Thrones actor, Sean Bean, who has seen his fair share of scuffles has been arrested for reportedly harassing his ex-wife Georgina Sutcliffe.

Sean Bean came under suspicion when the actor sent text messages and phone calls to his ex-wife. The content is said to be of an abusive nature, and the actor was arrested on Wednesday after being questioned by police.

A Scotland Yard official told People that, "A 53-year-old man attended a central London police station by appointment yesterday, where he was arrested on suspicion of harassment and bailed until a later date.” However, according to the police, even though Sean Bean was questioned and taken into custody he hasn’t been officially charged with harassment.

The man’s identity was uncovered by The Daily Mirror, when they posted a photo of the Game of Thrones actor arriving at the police station. The actor has been married four times. Sutcliffe became his fourth wife when the couple married in 2008. However, she became his fourth divorce when they divorced in 2010.

Ex-wife and actress Georgina Sutcliffe was not on the scene when Bean was questioned by the police, but it is believed that the actress was told about the arrest last night moments before she appeared in the West End show of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap.

Bean’s troubles extend past his wife, when it was reported he was stabbed outside of a London bar after a stranger made a crude statement at a Playboy model.

Representatives for the actor couldn’t be reached for further comment.