Samantha Steffen Expresses Regret With Joe Bailey, Juelia Kinney Laughs Off Joe’s Treatment

It seems that viewers won’t see Samantha Steffen and Joe Bailey leave season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise happily in love. As the latest episode aired on Sunday night, Samantha posted several tweets that made clear that she now regrets choosing to go on a date with Joe Bailey immediately after her introduction on the show, in the process hurting Juelia Kinney.

In an prior episode, Joe, who competed for Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette, said that he hoped that Samantha would show up. Like Kaitlyn, Samantha was on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor. With Samantha not there yet, Joe went out on a date with Juelia. The two seemed to have a very good time together on their date and Juelia, upon their return, told everyone what a great time they had and how good Joe was to her. Unfortunately for Juelia, Joe taked badly about her behind her back. He said that she was dumb, that he went on a date with the wrong woman and that he kissed her simply because he wanted a rose.

On Monday night’s episode, Joe got his wish and Samantha showed up. With a date card in hand, she immediately asked Joe out on a date, leaving Juelia heartbroken. During their date, Joe and Samantha stripped down and did a sexy photo shoot for People magazine.

Watching the episode has now made Samantha realize that she should have never gotten involved with Joe. Samantha predicted that she’ll need a lot of help to get through the backlash she’ll get for choosing Joe.

She then tweeted that she hates watching Juelia be sad.

Samantha also retweeted Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum Michelle Money’s tweet that declared that Samantha is way too good for Joe.

Samantha even tweeted that watching the episode was heartbreaking.

Confirming some people’s suspicions, Samantha Steffen confirmed that she and Joe Bailey communicated prior to going on Bachelor in Paradise. She pondered if she made a big mistake.

Juelia Kinney doesn’t seem to be heartbroken still over Joe Bailey’s treatment of her. Last Monday, Juelia sarcastically thanked Joe for asking her out on a date and proclaimed him to be a true southern gentleman.

As the latest episode aired, Juelia made a joke that referenced Joe’s characterization of her as dumb.

“I am so dumb I could barely post this picture on Instagram.#joebailey I could have used your help!#bachelorinparadise Make sure you tune in tonight to watch me cry.”


According to Joe Bailey, he’s not the big villain that he’s coming across as on Bachelor in Paradise. He implied that he acted how he did on order from Samantha Steffen by tweeting that she told him to do whatever it takes to get a rose. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Joe has tweeted that he’s the victim of a bad edit.

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