4-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Shines In Back-To-School Ad: Changing The Face Of Beauty

Footwear brand Livie & Luca paired up with Changing the Face of Beauty, which is a charity aiming to increase diversity in advertising by encouraging companies to feature children with disabilities in their promotions. The company chose the adorable, bubbly four-year-old Cora Slocum from Martinez, who has Down Syndrome, to model their shoes in a back-to-school ad campaign. Brittany Suzuki, the Livie & Luca Brand Designer, stated the following about their newest model find of Cora, according to The Mighty.

“During the photo shoot, you could tell Cora was born to shine in front of the camera….Her contagious joy filled the room. We have the opportunity to change the way media portrays beauty and hope to have kids like Cora feel seen and know their abilities are limitless.”

Cora Slocum Modeling, Photo Courtesy Facebook

This year’s theme of going back to school has become a viral sensation on the internet, with the hashtag #ImGoingBackToSchoolToo. The co-founder of Livie & Luca Mitzi Rivas stated the following according to ABC Channel 7 News. “It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to collaborate with an organization that holds many of the same values as we do.”

Katie Driscoll, who founded the Changing the Face of Beauty charity, is the mother of six children, including one with Down Syndrome. She is pleased that people are becoming more accepting of individuals with disabilities participating in the same pursuits as those without disabilities, including modeling, and seeing their real beauty. She stated the following. “I believe globally we’re changing the way people look at models as well as people with differences, and that makes me so very happy.”

Changing the Face of Beauty, Photo Courtesy Facebook

Cora’s mother, Kerri Slocum, said the following about her daughter’s new-found fame and braving new frontiers in the modeling world. “If by having her picture out there kind of changes people’s minds and perceptions and stereotypes, then I think that’s, you know, a good move in the right direction.” The little beauty certainly seems that she is a natural in the photos, beaming with excitement. And her father Scott Slocum is also, of course, a fan and stated the following about the people who are encouraging her to pursue her dreams. “One time I went to Cora and I said, ‘Cora, you’re trending!’ Because people are just overwhelming with their likes and their comments are incredible.”

And another model with Down Syndrome will walk the catwalk next month during New York Fashion Week, according to an article in the Inquisitr. Madeline Stuart, 18, has become an internet sensation since her story of wanting to become a model went viral.

[Photos Courtesy Facebook]