Ann Coulter Doesn’t Care If President Trump Performs ‘Abortions In The White House’ After Immigration Plan

Ann Coulter, in many circles, is looked upon as the female Donald Trump (or perhaps vice versa).

The outspoken conservative pundit and author of the recent book Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole, has a history of not holding back when it comes to letting her thoughts and opinions be known.

When Coulter got wind of Donald Trump’s plan for dealing with illegal immigration that would go into effect if he were to win the presidency, she was ecstatic.

And in a way that only Ann Coulter can, she let her approval be known with some pretty explicit terms.

Not surprisingly, this visceral imagery did not sit well with some Republicans and conservatives, who follow her on Twitter.

Coulter has been a source of inspiration for Donald Trump in his comments on the illegal immigration problem. One thing that Ann Coulter accurately points out in her book is the difficulty with which getting a concrete number on the real number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. really is.

Some statistics have said the number is only around 11.2 million people, but those are outdated estimates and the real number could be closer to 38 million.

The Donald Trump immigration plan announced today would definitely be the most severe reprimand of illegal immigrants that is being circulated by Democrats and Republicans.

Trump makes the case that there should be no amnesty and that the birthright citizenship rule should be removed from the books.

He also believes that all illegal immigrants would have to be deported, but that he would plan to “keep families together,” though it remains to be seen how both could coexist.

Nevertheless, Trump’s views, while called extreme by some, have been largely embraced by conservative and independent voters and have led to his lead in the GOP primary race.

Do you think Ann Coulter is out of line for her comment supporting this plan? Sound off in the comments section.

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