Theodore Shoebat Details Brutal Rape Of Christian Woman By Muslims In Pakistan

Theodore Shoebat, a Christian Internet personality, has revealed one of the most truly horrifying stories of rape that you’ve ever heard.

Shoebat claims to be part of a group devoted to rescuing Christians from embattled Middle Eastern countries and other anti-Christian cultures.

Rescue Christians is the name of the group, and while the name of the woman isn’t revealed, the details are shockingly clear.

Rather than try to explain it, here are the actual words from Shoebat himself.

“A Christian girl in Pakistan was captured by Muslims and told to convert to Islam. She affirmed that she would never deny Christ and would never accept Allah. The Muslims sold her into sex slavery and the Muslims who bought her did something truly sinister to her: they tied her to a tree and took turns anally raping her. This went on for weeks. They then cut a hole on her anus and then raped her through the wound. It was truly horrifying what happened to this girl. Our organization, Rescue Christians, paid for her medical bills and are still helping her go through the psychological scars that she has had to endure.”

If these details are true, that’s about as horrifying as rape can get — and the crime itself is pretty horrifying. However, one thing that should be made apparent before you donate to Theodore Shoebat or the Rescue Christians group, is that Shoebat has a history of trolling.

The Inquisitr previously reported on his efforts to get pro-gay bakers to bake cakes denouncing same-sex marriage. Along with the cryptic details about the woman herself, this may be (and hopefully is) a story that you could take with a grain of salt.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that farfetched given recent events, namely the rape case of a Christian woman who was imprisoned by ISIS.

Kayla Mueller, according to the Christian Science Monitor, was raped repeatedly by the group prior to her death at their hands.

Mueller was held by ISIS militants with two other Yazidi teenagers, who were allegedly abused on a regular basis by group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Mueller attempted to protect the girls, “sometimes putting their lives before hers,” the Monitor writes, adding that when the girls escaped, they asked Mueller to join them but she didn’t out of fear her “foreign appearance would put them in danger.”

“Kayla tried to protect these young girls,” her mother said. “She was like a mother figure to them.”

Do you think that Theodore Shoebat and other Christian groups unfairly characterize all Muslims as rapists and terrorists? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Theodore Shoebat via Facebook]

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