Johnna Feazell: Teacher’s ‘Mother-Daughter’ Relationship With Student Included Sexual Contact, Plea Confirms

Johnna Feazell, a 47-year-old eighth grade teacher who was at the center of a local teacher-student sex scandal that shook the community of Marshfield, Missouri late last year, has now pleaded guilty to charges that she did, in fact, engage in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl with whom Feazell had been in a “mother-daughter” relationship since the girl was in seventh grade.

Even before allegations of the inappropriate relationship became public, Feazell had been the subject of parent complaints for what the parents said was the strange and unsettling content of her classes. But at that time, Marshfield School Dustruct administrators said there was nothing they could do beyond simply asking Feazell to eliminate the odd class content because the 15-year-teacher had tenure.

In addition to teaching eighth-grade students, Feazell also coached girls’ track, softball, and basketball at various points in her career in the school district.

According to the teen girl’s statements to investigators, as reported by KYTV in Springfield, Missouri, the “mother-daughter” relationship that she shared with Feazell did not turn sexual until an encounter last year when she was dropped off at the teacher’s home by a friend late in the evening, and the student and Feazell then engaged in sexual contact.

But it was the student’s real mother who uncovered the illegal relationship between Feazell and her daughter, finding a cell phone in the teen’s possession that the mom had never seen before. When she checked the mysterious phone she found only one contact listed: Johnna Feazell.

The mom also found text messages on the phone between Feazell and her daughter that she described a being of a sexual nature.

The “mother-daughter” nature of the relationship is similar to the case of Springfield, Missouri, teacher Jessica Jones who was charged in July with engaging in sexual relations numerous times with a teen female student she had taken in as a foster child.

In addition to pleading guilty to statutory sodomy and sexual contact with a student, Feazell also entered guilty pleas to charges of tampering with evidence and with a witness, namely, the teen girl, whom Feazell called and texted numerous times after the investigation into the illicit relationship began, even trying to call the girl collect from jail after her arrest numerous times.

The now-former teacher also instructed another teen girl to destroy a cell phone that she had used to text the victim in the case, as well as other evidence, even telling the second girl to wash the bedding in Feazell’s home until it was “spotless.”

Before the sexual misconduct allegations surfaced, parents had complained after their kids brought home cell phone photos of sentences that Feazell wrote on a whiteboard during class. The sentences included such oddities as “Tuesday, I will kiss all the men!” and “I want to go home, but I can’t because my meth is still brewing.”

She stopped writing the unusual phrases on the board after school officials asked her to change her lesson plans.

Sentencing for Johnna Feazell in the sex-with-student case is set for November 3.

[Images: Marshfield Mail Contributed Photo, Webster County Jail]

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