Connie Ditto Found: 41-Year-Old Mother-Of-Two Found Safe, Husband Charged With Assault

Connie Ditto has been found safe after going missing a few days ago.

According to the Canada Journal, Connie Ditto, 41, went missing after going to a medical facility for “head pains.” The mother-of-two reportedly went to Patient First in Short Pump, Virginia, but didn’t stay there very long.

“She said she was going to a walk-in facility. She was having headaches and dizziness. She signed in at the desk. She sat down to wait, was there a couple of minutes; got up walked out and left,” said Connie’s husband, Mark. He said that he received text messages from his wife a short time later, saying that she was being taken to a hospital to be treated, and she told him not to come. He says that his wife then turned her phone off.

Mark went to a couple of hospitals in the area, and none had any record of Connie checking in.

Connie Ditto was found three days later after license plate capture technology was able to locate her vehicle, which was reportedly parked outside of a motel. According to Fox News, Mark Ditto has been charged with assault. The domestic abuse charge stemmed from an incident that happened a week before Connie Ditto went missing, and it sounds like the head injury that she suffered may have been a result of some sort of physical altercation she had with her husband.

“Officers found Miss Ditto and found probable cause to place domestic assault charges against Mark Ditto,” said Henrico Police Lt. Sal Mulé.

When originally questioned, Mark Ditto told the media that his wife fell and hit her head at work. He said that he was really worried about her disappearance, and he feared that she may have “blacked out” somewhere.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, family members have spoken out following the charges, and say that Mark says the allegations are “totally false.”

“He didn’t want to go on camera yet, but he said the allegations are totally false, and her own daughters made statements to that effect.

“Mark said the assault allegations stem from an incident last Thursday night, when he said his wife was drunk, and he and her daughters tried to take her car keys away from her so she wouldn’t leave the house.”

It is unknown how investigators learned about the alleged domestic violence incident, or if Connie and Mark are still living under the same roof. More details are expected soon.

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