NJ’s Ron Fournier Admits He Would Have Voted For Hillary Clinton Six Months Ago: Now, Not So Much

Ron Fournier of the National Journal appeared on Face the Nation this morning to discuss in part the current Hillary Clinton email scandal that has eroded trust in the former Democratic frontrunner and caused her to lose her lead to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire.

Fournier has covered the Clintons since the 1980s and freely admits to having a “great respect” for Hillary. In fact, he even said that if he’d been asked a year ago if he’d consider working for Clinton he would have considered it and that six months ago, he would have likely given her his vote.

Now, not so much. Here’s what he thinks of Hillary Clinton now [via Real Clear Politics].

“Now I can’t tell you that I trust her, because there’s some big issues involved. I can’t tell you that I trust her with the Freedom of Information Act and our public records. I can’t tell you I trust her with Congress’ right and responsibility to conduct oversight. I can’t tell you I respect her with historians’ right and responsibility to look back on archival documents and see how our leaders lead.”

“If this precedent that she has established is allowed to stand because she won, the public memory is — will be under assault forever. There will no longer be a public memory if everyone conducts themselves the way she has.”

“And I haven’t even talked about classified documents.”

These issues were just the tip of the iceberg for Ron Fournier, who wondered what it said about a person’s leadership abilities to be wrapped up in the issues that currently have a hold on Clinton’s struggling campaign.

“I also wonder about when it — every time we have a scandal like this, how does it reflect on the kind of leader the person will be…. What does it say about the kind of leader they’d be?… Well, is this someone who we can really trust to be transparent and accountable?… Is this someone whose judgment we can count on?… Is this somebody whose integrity we can count on?… I don’t know if I can trust Hillary Clinton anymore and it doesn’t make me happy to say that.”

Ron Fournier isn’t the only one to lose the Clinton fire. Hillary Clinton’s support has been in free fall of late. Latest polls show that 62 percent of the country believes she will “do anything” to be President. Sixty percent admit they do not trust her. Fifty-six percent say that she does not share their values.

Are you like Ron Fournier? Have you started to lose hope in Hillary? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Ron Fournier via Face the Nation, linked above]

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