Nicki Minaj Twerks On Meek Mills, She Ain’t Leaving Her Man

Some might say that Nicki Minaj’s beau Meek Mills has been having a couple of bad weeks lately, in fact the whole summer kind of became one big joke on Meek. The rapper found himself at the center of a feud with fellow rap artist Drake, after claiming the Canadian had a ghostwriter, and we are all pretty sure he heavily regrets that decision.

The saying that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” certainly proved false for Mills. While his exposure level certainly went up and those who had never heard of him suddenly could not escape the name – I admit I fall in this category – it was mostly negative. Drake dropped a few diss tracks that Meek’s response never even came close to answering and social media took a turn at burying the rapper with a seemingly unending string of memes. Mills, who has been busy on Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint tour, eventually ended the beef by taking full responsibility and apologizing.

Many assumed that the rapper’s career was over and rumors swirled that so was his romance with Minaj. Minaj has stood by her man though and shows off their love on Instagram often. On August 15, she released a video on her Instagram account, showing her and Mills in some down time between performances, which she probably appreciates even more after a brawl erupted at Minaj’s show on Friday night. The short clip is all things sexy and without firing any shots herself, she clearly let it be known whose corner she’s in. The video shows Minaj in a tiny blue thong twerking on top of Mills as a wake up call. His head soon pops up with a great big smile and not a soul can blame him.

The couple sure seem to know how to make the most of their time together and Nicki can be heard laughing over the sound of her booty twerking. Minaj seems to be on a mission to break the internet twerk style, and sure enough, the comments came pouring in on Minaj’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. Even Mills who has not tweeted since Drake released his last diss track broke his twitter hiatus with a response to Minaj’s gesture.

Of course not everyone appreciated the view into Minaj and Mill’s life and her twitter account blew up with negative comments as well. In typical Nicki Minaj style, she shut down those negatives with a twitter response that showed just how much those comments about her twerking really affected her.

“I don’t give a f**k. U didn’t get the memo?!?!! Life is too short to care about ppl who DONT MATTER. SCARRY A**”

Good or bad comments though, it’s safe to say that Mills may just be having a pretty good summer after all if a twerk is his alarm clock. With a woman like Nicki Minaj firmly by his side Meek Mills still got some envy pouring in.

[Photos Courtesy of Johnny Nunez/ Getty Images]