More Than 10 Alligators Stolen From Arkansas Alligator Farm

Two suspects are being sought by police because they broke into the Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The two suspects managed to steal 13 alligators from the farm. The gators were stuffed into bags, according to KATV.

Jamie Bridges is the manager of the Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo, and he wants to know if his alligators are safe. He grew up on the farm and he said that they are a sanctuary for alligators. Bridges added that it was back in 1945 when his grandfather purchased the farm, and it is a place that allows them to share their love of alligators with those who visit the farm.

The alligator farm is open all-year round and visitors make their way to the farm for a feeding with the alligators, but on Saturday morning, someone made off with 13 gators.

The alligators were just starting to eat really well, according to Bridges. Not only that, he said that the gators were used to the farm too. Bridges is hoping that the suspects will be caught and that he will get his gators back.

The alligators were not full-grown, as they were baby gators, according to ABC. Bridges said that the gators, which measured 12 inches long and were not even a year old, were like their babies. Bridges said they treated the alligators like babies and not even his workers were allowed to handle them. He said that nobody was allowed to handle the gators.

As for the suspects, as of now police do not have anyone in custody, but Bridges do think they were familiar with the gator farm. Regardless, if Bridges gets the alligators back or not, he is concerned about their well-being. He said that he just hopes the alligators are being taken care of, wherever they are.

Even though nobody has been caught yet, there is surveillance video. The video shows two people breaking down one of the exhibit’s doors, grabbing the alligators, and shoving them into their bags.

In other alligator news, over in Toronto, Canada, there were some alligators and crocodiles rescued from a home. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, more than 100 crocodiles and alligators were taken from the home and brought to the Indian River Reptile Zoo.

The zoo was contacted by a man, who reported that the crocodiles were getting too big and were outgrowing their enclosures. It ended up taking 20 volunteers and four days to rescue the crocs and gators. The zoo’s curator said that it was the largest crocodilian rescue in North America.

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