Zimbabwe Police Arrest 224 Children After Sex Party

Zimbabwe police recently arrested 224 students, aged from as young as 13 years up to young adults aged 20, after they attended a sex party on the outskirts of Bulawayo.

The sex party was held last weekend at Umguza Rest Camp just outside of Bulawayo. The students’ parents were warned that they may also face arrest for not taking adequate care of their children according to local laws, by allowing them to attend the sex party.

According to police, youngsters in Zimbabwe have recently been getting involved in what are termed “Vuzu” or sex parties, which involve alcohol and drug abuse, as well as sexual activity.

Nehanda Radio reports Bulawayo Metropolitan Province Police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said that police have warned parents about the dangerous practice.

“We have been warning them and encouraging the parents to talk to their children about the dangers of alcohol abuse. They must take greater interest on the whereabouts of their children or face child negligence as stipulated in the Children’s Act.”

According to Simango, the 224 children were arrested after a van was pulled over by police and was found to be transporting 18 children to the sex party.

When the officer established the children were heading to a sex party, he decided to follow them and investigate the situation. What the officer saw was shocking, and police officers confiscated condoms and “almost all brands of liquor that are available on the market” during the raid.

Newsdze Zimbabwe reports that due to the large number of arrested children, they were taken to four different police stations in Bulawayo. The owner of the Rest Camp is now also facing charges for allowing underage children to drink alcohol.

All 224 children were eventually released into the custody of their parents with warnings that should the sex party practice continue, the parents could also face arrest.

Simango noted that no behavioral changes had since been noted among the children following the sex party and their brief detention. She added that police will now take further action against the parents.

“Now we’re going to take further action and charge them (parents) with child negligence as stipulated in the Children’s Act. It’s high time we act on parents who are failing to take care of their children.

“We’ve been giving them warning shots and encouraging them to conscientise [sic] their children on the dangers of alcohol abuse. They must take keen interest on the whereabouts of their children.”

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