Jason Derulo Shouting Match Simple Fix: Buy A Private Jet

Jason Derulo and Luke Bryant copped some great popularity with their recent virtual Karaoke “Want to Want Me” hit, but Derulo isn’t so popular with airport cops. Derulo and his crew got kicked off a TSA flight August 15 after a shouting match between Derulo’s bodyguard and TSA agents.

Jason was travelling from Reno to Los Angeles and was trying to join the TSA pre-check line when things went bad. Eyewitnesses told TMZ that Derulo and some of his team “got pissed and started shouting.” One of the crew members “was denied access” and that’s when the bodyguard “got upset.”

The airport’s security team were unimpressed with the bodyguard’s attitude and banned the group from boarding the plane. A rep for the airport said that security explained to Derulo and crew why they were not allowed to board the plane. That didn’t sit well with the Derulo posse, and they decided to try to force their way onto the flight. At that point, the airport police were called, who “escorted the men off after they tried to forcibly board the plane.” Derulo was allowed to board the plane, but airport security wouldn’t let any of his crew take the flight.

It turns out Jason may have had a point. The TSA pre-check was down, and Derulo “requested an escort” for him and his crew so that they could get through faster and be sure of arriving on time for his Saturday night gig in L.A. The airport refused an escort but did offer to allow Derulo himself to board the plane. In Derulo land, where Jason goes, his crew goes, and according to airport staff, they weren’t part of the deal. A source told TMZ that Derulo is “extremely upset” over the way TSA handled the situation.

Jason posted a video to Instagram, and in the background of the clip, one of his friends can be heard saying, “You can’t kick me off of this!” Derulo says that he fired his travel agent “for booking me somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be.”


The solution to Derulo’s flight woes is a “simple fix” as far as the “Want to Want Me” singer is concerned. Private jets are the way to go. According to TMZ, Derulo “plunked down a couple million” for a private jet to solve his transportation problems.

[Image via Chelsea Lauren / Stringer]