What’s more popular than an iPhone? Try a BlackBerry Curve

The iPhone has lost its spot as the most popular phone in the United States, being beaten by a surprising contender: the BlackBerry Curve.

According to figures from NPD, BlackBerry phones took three of the top five spots, with the BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Pearl sitting in third and fourth respectively. In good news for Google, the T-Mobile G1 came in at fifth.

The New York Times notes though that a sales promotion may be the key reason behind the BlackBerry Curve taking top spot.

The Curve was the big winner for two main reasons, said Mr. Rubin. One was Verizon’s “Buy one, get one free” deal for the BlackBerry. “That promotion pushed it over the top,” he said. Another reason is that the Curve was available through four major carriers, while the iPhone remains exclusive to AT&T.

The same report also noted that the stats were good for the forthcoming Palm Pre, proving that with support the iPhone can be challenged.