UFO, ‘Size Of An 18-Wheeler,’ Sighted Over Long Island, New York [Video]

A resident of Ronkonkoma, a hamlet in Long Island, New York, has reported watching a UFO, the “size of an 18-wheeler,” that stopped and hovered in the air at a height of about 500 feet near the Long Island MacArthur Airport.

According to the witness in his testimony, filed as Case 68958 in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database, he was not able to film the UFO while it hovered at a height of about 500 feet. He began shooting the video after the UFO had moved farther away.

The witness said he spotted the UFO on August 4, 2015, while he sat inside his van in the parking lot of his apartment complex. He was looking for his pack of cigarettes in the dark when he noticed, from the corner of his eyes, a brightly lit object in the sky.

He did not pay attention to the light at first because he lives near an airport where airplanes with lights often pass overhead. But the unusual color of the lights grabbed his attention, and he got out of the van for a better view.

“I live by an airport and didn’t think much of it until I saw the colors of the lights. I thought they were unusual.”

Although the UFO was large, “as big as any airplane in the sky,” it flew silently, approaching the airport stealthily, then stopped suddenly and hovered with its lights off.

“It was like whoever was flying it suddenly realized it was approaching an airport and it stopped. Its lights went out. Then it went backwards and flew in the same direction from where it came.”

The witness’ curiosity was piqued by the behavior of the object. He ran within the premises of his apartment complex to watch the UFO as it moved away from the airport after its lights went off.

The UFO lights came on after it had moved a short distance away from the airport. Then it stopped again and hovered for some time before it began moving away. It disappeared from sight in the direction of the Long Island Expressway.

“The object moved a few miles from the airport and stopped again and hovered. Then it descended straight below the tree line. I watched and waited for the possibility of it rising again – which it did. It raised and descended again.”

The video shows the UFO, a bright moving light in the sky. The excitement of the witness shooting the video is audible.

The witness was not the only one who saw the UFO. A security officer at his apartment complex also saw it in the sky.

The witness was very excited about the sighting. He said he had heard people saying they had seen UFOs, but he had never seen one until that evening. He was sure that he saw something unusual in the sky because he had “seen all kinds of airplanes in the sky” before, and he could tell that the object he saw on the night of August 4 was different.

He described the experience as an “incredible event.”

MUFON personnel investigated the case, but were unable to determine the nature of the UFO. According to Joseph Flammer, one of the MUFON investigators, the witness described the UFO as about the “size of an 18-wheeler,” with a “gunmetal black” front and “shiny black” rear.

“When it went in reverse, the gunmetal black switched positions with the shiny part. It had lights that were pulsating. But the light was inside the craft – all different colors. I don’t know how to even explain it. It was the craziest thing I ever saw. I was awake until five in the morning tying to wrap my head around it.”

Flammer also spoke with the second witness, the security officer at the apartment complex, and encouraged him to file an independent report with MUFON.

[Image: YouTube/MUFON via UFO Sightings Daily]

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