Russian Plane Crash: Rescuers Recover Bodies But No Survivors

CIDAHU, Indonesia — CNN is reporting that rescue team found no survivors but several bodies on Thursday when it arrived at the wreckage of a Russian passenger jet that crashed into the side of a mountain during a demonstration flight over Jakarta, Indonesia.

Due to the remoteness of the crash site and the steep, rugged terrain, the victims’ bodies will be placed in nets and lifted by ropes to a hovering chopper.

Authorities believe none of the 45 crew and passengers on board the Sukhoi Superjet-100 survived.

“So far we haven’t found any survivors, but we are still searching,” National Search and Rescue Agency spokesman Gagah Prakoso said as teams of soldiers, police and volunteers continued to troop up the slopes.

ABC News writes that the Superjet 100, one of two sent on a six-country swing through Asia for promotional purposes, lost contact at 2:25 pm Wednesday while trying to descend from 10,000 feet to 6,000 feet near a small airport in Bogor.

Sometime after losing radio contact, authorities say the plane slammed into a ridge the side of Mount Salak about 5,500 feet up.

It was not clear why the crew asked for the shift in course, the chief of the national search and rescue agency said, especially when they were so close to the mountain.

Prior to the test flight, Sukhoi, which has orders for 170 planes worldwide, planned to produce up to 1,000 Superjets, primarily for foreign markets.

If it is determined that the crash was caused by mechanical error, however, the incident will be just the latest in a string of embarrassing and fatal incidents that has earned Russia the reputation as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for air travel.

For more information on the 2012 Russian Sukhoi Super 100 crash, watch the following news clip:

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