Who Is Samantha Steffen And Will She Find Love With Joe Bailey On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’?

Samantha Steffen arrives on Bachelor in Paradise on Sunday night and will quickly turn into one of this season's most controversial contestants. Fans may remember the beautiful brunette from Chris Soules' season of the Bachelor — she was drama-free right through to her departure on Episode 6.

Although Steffen was one of the least talked about contestants on the Bachelor, she won't escape the drama in Paradise. The 28-year-old fashion designer from Los Angeles is bound to catch some heat from fans on Twitter when she goes on a date with Joe Bailey shortly after her arrival — especially from fans who don't believe the show is heavily edited.

Who is Samantha Steffen and how far will she make it on Bachelor in Paradise?

According to Indy Star, Samantha placed in the top 10 in the 2013 Miss California USA pageant and also competed in the Miss Beverly Hills and Miss Indiana USA pageants.

The niece of Manoj Bhargava, founder and CEO of 5-Hour Energy, Steffen is not only a beauty queen, she's a businesswoman as well. She is the co-founder of IDGAF Clothing, a streetwear line worn by celebs including Demi Lovato, Lance Bass, Sean Faris, and some of Samantha's co-stars on the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.

Samantha and two other girls from Chris' season (Amber James and Megan Bell) arrive in Paradise on Sunday night, and if fans thought the drama was over-the-top last week, Steffen's arrival will kick things up another notch.

Joe Bailey made it clear last week that he was awaiting Samantha's arrival and his wish comes true, but not without some ugly crying from Juelia, who fell for Joe two seconds into their date last week despite the red flags that she wasn't really into her and was on a mission to stay on the show until Steffen arrived.

According to People, Samantha and Joe's date includes a photo shoot similar to the one Michelle and Cody had last season — without the wedding attire. Despite a great date, the couple becomes the target for gossip amongst the other contestants.

According to Reality Steve, Joe and Samantha knew each other before the show started filming, something that angers some of their cast mates — especially since Steffen reportedly claims she didn't know any of the guys prior to coming on Bachelor in Paradise.

Steffen's drama isn't limited to her mistruth about knowing Joe — next week Bachelor Pad 3 winner Nick Peterson will arrive and make things even more complicated. Not only is it revealed that she knew Nick prior to taping the show, she will stir up trouble when she turns her attention to Peterson — something that leads to a bro-fight between Joe and Nick that may be the highlight of the season.

Suffice to say, Samantha will not end up with Joe — he will leave without a rose on Week 4. Although Samantha won't date Nick until Week 5, apparently it's worth the wait. Spoilers indicate that Nick and Samantha are two of the three couples who leave the show in love — or at least committed to dating without cameras following them around.

Are Nick Peterson and Samantha still together now? Fans may find out the answer to that question on the After Paradise show that airs after the September 7 Bachelor in Paradise season finale.

[Image: Samantha Steffen/ Instagram]