‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Week 3: Broken Hearts, Lies, And A Sexy Photo Shoot — Oh, My! [Spoilers]

Bachelor in Paradise enters its third week on Sunday night and promises to be one of the most dramatic episodes of the season. Back-to-back episodes on Sunday and Monday nights will have fans wondering if Jade and Tanner will be the only love story this season or if the drama will outweigh the romance.

Here’s a look at what viewers can expect on August 16 and 17 including new cast arrivals, departures, and drama. [Spoilers ahead]

Three women will arrive in Paradise this week, bringing the cast count to ten women and seven men. By the end of the two-night drama fest, three contestants will go home and Mikey T will return for another shot at dating Juelia. After this week’s rose ceremony, 15 contestants will move on to Week 4.

Arriving on Sunday are three of Bachelor Chris Soules‘ castoffs including Amber James, Samantha Steffen, and Megan Bell who will join seven other ladies — Carly, Jade, Juelia, Tenley, Ashley S., Ashley I., and Clare. According to Reality Steve, the guys will be giving out roses tonight, so all eyes will be on Kirk, Joshua, Dan, Jared, Tanner, Joe, and JJ at the rose ceremony this week.

Spoilers indicate that there will be four dates this week and one will be a sleepover in a Paradise-style fantasy suite. Carly and Kirk have been inseparable this season and their date apparently leads to the first overnight of the season.

ABC’s previews show JJ and Megan will go jet skiing, and Dan will ditch Ashley S. and go on a date with Amber. Joe will pick Samantha for a date that involves a sexy People magazine photo shoot, something that is sure to produce some ugly crying from Juelia.

The rose ceremony for Week 3 will likely air on Monday night unless producers decide to pull a “to be continued” at the end of the episode. However, fans can expect a bit of a shake up at the end of the rose ceremony, whether it airs this week or next.

JJ decides to leave the show to pursue a new relationship back home and gives his rose to Ashley S. before he departs. Mikey T. will replace JJ and save Juelia from elimination. Tanner will give his rose to Jade (no surprise there) and Ashley I.‘s dreams will come true when Jared gives her a rose. Also sticking around, thanks to the power of the rose, are Dan and Amber, Joshua and Tenley, and this season’s most controversial couple, Joe and Samantha.

Three contestants will leave the Playa Escondida resort by the end of Week 3. Clare Crawley will undoubtedly have an emotional exit, leaving behind a crab, a raccoon, and a missed opportunity with Jared. JJ Lane eliminates himself and Megan Bell will leave without a rose after a brief stay in Paradise.

With just three weeks to go before the Bachelor in Paradise finale expect the drama and surprises to continue, including the return of a contestant who has appeared on a number of Bachelor franchise shows.

[Image: ABC/Rick Rowell]