‘Real Housewives’ Carole Radziwill Reaches Breaking Point, Calls Out Countess Luann

Normally reserved Carole Radziwill of Real Housewives of New York has reached her breaking point, and is not only ending her friendship with Luann de Lesseps, but taking to Twitter to tell the world what she really thinks of the Countess, and it’s not pretty.

Starcasm is reporting the end of any relationship between the two women. “Season 7 of The Real Housewives of New York recently came to an end, and so did the friendship between Carole and The Countess.” From the first episode of the season, viewers watched the dynamic fray, and the fire was lit when Luann accused Carole of “sleeping with the help.”

There have been digs and missteps, which frequently sucked other women in, including Heather Thomson in the Turks and Caicos, who got chewed out by The Countess for breaking “Girl Code,” when the ladies had an issue with Ramona Singer and The Countess bringing home stray, married men.

But now, with the three-part season finale about to air, Carole Radziwill is kicking butt and taking names with all of the ladies who have stepped out of line, especially Sonja Morgan and, of course, Luann de Lesseps. Perez Hilton is reporting that Carole Radziwill has a bone to pick first with Morgan. Radziwil has pointed out that throughout the season, Sonja Morgan has spoken of partying with Radziwill’s cousin, John Kennedy Jr., who Sonja insists on calling “John John,” especially when she is intoxicated and name-dropping. Kennedy died tragically in a plane crash, just after the death of Carole’s husband from cancer, and Carole asked Sonja to “cut it out,” according to Perez Hilton. This request somehow got The Countess started again.

But perhaps the lowest blow of the season came from Countess Luann to Radziwill when winding up the last actual episode, according to the Inquisitr. Luann de Lesseps made a joke that Radziwill couldn’t bring her young boyfriend home “to meet the kids,” and when Radziwill tried to make light of the comment, The Countess reminded her that she didn’t need to worry, because “she didn’t have any kids.” This stung, especially considering before his death, Radziwill’s husband Anthony was made sterile from chemotherapy.

And it seems Luann also has appointed herself spokesman for the Radziwill matriarch, Lee Radziwill, in criticizing Carole for taking a trip to London to bring back husband Anthony’s ashes after the church that housed them was being sold. The Countess was quoted that “the family” was upset, and that the moving of the ashes should not have been a storyline.

Do you think Carole Radziwill was right to go after The Countess on the Real Housewives of New York?

[Photo courtesy of Theo Wargo / Getty Images]