Nigel Oldfield, Convicted Pedophile, Allegedly Had Sick Message For His Attackers

Nigel Oldfield, a man convicted for having more than 11,000 photos of child pornography on his computer in 2002, was reportedly attacked by neighbors previously unaware he was living in the area.

When residents in Rotherham, England, discovered they had a convicted pedophile living next door to them, they picketed his house, sprayed graffiti on the outside, and smashed windows, witnesses tell the Daily Mail.

“I heard glass being smashed around 5pm and saw a group of people throwing objects at the windows,” said one of the witnesses. “More people arrived — there must have been 100 people outside shouting,” many of whom were parents.

The former chemistry teacher has in the past spoken out in favor of adults and children having sex with each other, the news site claims. (You can learn more on the beliefs of Nigel Oldfield with regard to the harm — or lack thereof — in child pornography from the BBC 2 video interview below.)

In the case of the attack on Nigel Oldfield, it’s not that angry residents assaulted him that has the news media shocked and outraged, but what he said shortly before being attacked.

“Bring your children to me!”

That’s at least what a second witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said. Additionally, the beating that was being served up to Oldfield was apparently not severe enough as at one point during the attack, the witness also claimed that he shouted, “Is that all you’ve got?”

“The disgrace is not the public disorder but the fact that we were never told this man was living in the area,” claimed a third eyewitness. “People around here are furious. He had been living under their noses for 18 months and they had no idea.”

In the above interview, Oldfield flatly states that he did not see the “abuse” in simply looking at images that could be considered, by law, child pornography.

The 54-year-old called it a “logical fallacy” to classify all child pornography images in such a way, leaving one of the interview participants “astonished” that he could not see how placing the children in such photographic situations should be considered “abuse.”

Most Facebook commenters were all for the beating and completely against his contrarian views of child pornography, but some were upset with the crowd for exercising “mob mentality” and basically beating on a man who had “paid his dues to society.”

One even said he was basically being attacked for a “thought crime” and that the mob were the ones in the wrong.

But what do you think, readers? Did Nigel Oldfield get what was coming to him for verbally egging on the crowd? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Nigel Oldfield via YouTube, linked above]

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