Florida Man Took Teens To Strip Club — One Of Them His Own Daughter

A Florida man has admitted to a variety of charges after he reportedly took his 16-year-old daughter and her 17-year-old friend to a strip club. That’s not the only thing this father-of-the-year admits to doing, and Starcasm reports that the 59-year-old man could soon be a felon.

Authorities in Miami have arrested Jose Manuel Arguelles after cellphone footage revealed that he had taken his own teen daughter and one of her friends to the Pink Pony strip club to dance. He not only encouraged his own teenage daughter and her friend to strip for patrons at the club, he allegedly plied them with drugs and alcohol, which included marijuana and cocaine. Arguelles admitted to allowing the girls to snort cocaine and smoke weed before allowing them to dance on the stage of the strip club.

The Florida man’s inappropriate activities were discovered by the mother of the 17-year-old friend of his daughter. The woman found footage on the teen’s cellphone that documented their behaviors on the night in question, and then she went straight to the police.

Arguelles has been charged with a laundry list of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. He was charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors by providing them with drugs and alcohol, along with at least eight counts of “sexual performance of a child.” Meanwhile, the Miami Herald reports that the Pink Pony has been closed down in wake of these charges. As for Arguelles, he admits to what he’s done and his attorney claims that he has expressed regret toward his inappropriate actions.

“Florida man” headlines are frequent in the media. Inquisitr News reported just a day ago that a Miami man has been accused of stealing human remains from a cemetery. Three days ago another man from the Sunshine State was arrested after he was found walking down a street with his pants around his ankles. Also recently, another Florida local accused the police of stealing his weed plants, which resulted in him being arrested for growing upwards of 91 marijuana plants. Another Florida man was arrested this week because he allegedly impersonated a SEAL Team 6 member in order to scam the public out of money. One of the more shocking Florida man stories from this month involves a young man who allegedly attempted to chew off his own fingerprints in an attempt to avoid identification by law enforcement.

Photo: Miami Police mugshot

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