EMT Dies: Efforts To Save Woman In Cardiac Arrest Results In Own Death From Freak Accident

Sadly, a woman in Pennsylvania employed as an EMT died in the act of saving a person’s life.

According to a Daily Mail report, Samantha Agins, 22, was working at the Jersey Jaycee Camp over the weekend, when a woman there experienced a medical emergency. The facility held a summer camp for adults and children with developmental disorders and disabilities. Agins responded to the woman, who was apparently having a heart attack at the time.

The EMT began cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, on the victim, who died a short time later. Days after her life-saving attempt, the emergency medical technician was dead, according to NBC News.

Her mother, Paula Agins, said Samantha began feeling unwell hours after trying to save the woman’s life. She took her to Pocono Medical Center where doctors ran several tests to determine her ailment.

They discovered that the young EMT suffered several strokes. Reportedly, a major artery was severed during CPR on the cardiac victim. As a result, it caused widespread failure to nerves throughout her body.

Agins was transported to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philidelphia. However, she died on Tuesday.

Her mom said her daughter was a student at East Stroudsburg University and maintained a 4.0 GPA. Her job as an EMT was a stepping stone to her career path as a physician’s assistant.

Many people confuse the roles an EMT and paramedic. According to EMS1, a community resource website, they are quite different.

“When considering whether to become a paramedic vs. EMT, you should take into account that becoming an EMT-B requires the minimal amount of training. It generally takes about six months to complete the schooling in Basic Life Support.

“Becoming a paramedic is the highest level of Emergency Medical Technician and requires much more advanced training than becoming a basic EMT. Paramedic vs. EMT training is quite rigorous and takes about two years to complete, depending on state requirements.”

First responders tread delicate lines daily when they suit up for work. According to an August 14 Inquisitr report, a firefighter was shot twice by an ex-gang member during a police standoff.

The EMT, who died while attempting to save the life, was loved by the community where she lived. A scholarship fund is set up in her name. Her mom spoke about her daughter’s tragic death, but celebrated how she impacted those around her in a positive way during her short life.

“It’s been very overwhelming. It speaks to the testimonial of just what kind of kid she was.”

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