NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Photographs Alien Head Sculpture In Front Of Freshly Dug Grave, UFOlogy Bloggers Claim

NASA’s Curiosity rover stumbled recently upon a rather bizarre anomaly on Mars. According to online UFOlogists, the rover photographed an alien head sculpture placed like an alien version of a tombstone in front of what looks like a freshly dug alien grave.

The original image from Curiosity rover may be viewed in NASA’s JPL archives here.

The latest photo anomaly from Mars was snapped by Curiosity rover’s Mastcam (Left) on August 13, 2015. According to anomaly hunters, it shows a freshly dug grave and an alien head carved out of rock, indicating that someone was buried on Mars recently.

The skull is only vaguely humanoid, being flat and extended horizontally compared with the human skull. But the facial features — the forehead, two eyes, nose, and mouth — are unmistakable, anomaly hunters claim.

Alien Head Sculpture “In Front Of Freshly Dug Grave On Mars?

The braincase is large and shifted backwards compared with the human skull. The large braincase suggests an intelligent species.

The freshly dug grave is indicated by a fresh-looking heap of sand in front of the alien head sculpture.

Anomaly hunters speculate about the implications of the latest find to current views about advanced life forms, culture, and civilization on planet Mars.

“About the grave, the sand or ground is being leveled upon the grave and it looks freshly if you compare it with the surrounding landscape. Furthermore, the ground around the grave is flattened as a marker.”

Most Mars anomaly hunters do not claim that advanced life forms exist presently on Mars. They generally believe that the planet hosted great civilizations in the past and that the civilizations were wiped out in a series of nuclear bomb detonations triggered by a hostile alien race.

The theory that an ancient Mars civilization was destroyed in a series of powerful nuclear explosions was first proposed in 2011 by Dr. John Brandenburg, a plasma physicist who holds a PhD from the University of California, Davis.

Alien Head Sculpture In Front Of Freshly Dug Grave On Mars?

The profound potential implications of the latest Mars photo anomaly has members of the UFO and space anomaly community asking why NASA chose to release such incriminating evidence given the agency’s alleged tendency to either edit or simply refuse to release images providing clear evidence of life and civilizations that flourished on the Red Planet.

“If NASA wants to give us hints of past intelligent life on Mars it is OK, but what if this grave and the symbolic alien head in front of the grave is evidence that Mars is still inhabited by some sort of ‘humanoid’ civilization who has recently buried a deceased member of their race?”

According to some Mars anomaly researchers, NASA and the government sometimes release such images to give hints of future full disclosure. NASA, conspiracy theorists believe, has been withholding information about its knowledge of extraterrestrial civilizations due partly to the conviction that the public is not prepared to absorb the shock of full disclosure.

But in preparation for the inevitable future disclosure of the whole truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial life, NASA sometimes releases images such as this to soften the ground and prepare the public for the shock of startling revelations when the “powers that be” judge that the time is ripe.

UFO and Mars anomaly hunters say they are waiting to see if NASA has a “reasonable explanation in response to this unusual spot on Mars.”

[Images: via UFO Sightings Hotspot]

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