Houston Family Of Slain 8 Seeks Help With Burial Costs, Killer Calls Children ‘Monsters’

Services for Valerie Jackson, her husband, and her six children will be held Monday at the Fallbrook Church in Houston, TX. In lieu of flowers and gifts, the family of the victims is asking for donations to help cover burial costs. You can make donations online to the Allen Dave Funeral Home here, or visit the Go Fund Me page, which has so far raised more than $26,000.

As reported in a previous Inquisitr article, Jackson’s bitter ex, David Conley, slipped through an unlocked window at her Houston home and fatally shot her, her common-law husband Dwayne Jackson, and her six children, Nathaniel, Honesty, Dwayne Jr., Caleb, Trinity, and Jonah — aged 6 to 13. One of the victims, Nathaniel, was Conley’s own son, although he told reporters that he questioned for years whether he is the child’s biological father. Conley was taken into custody at the Harris County jail on capital murder charges.

“We do not — cannot — fully comprehend the motivation of an individual that would take the lives of so many innocent people. Especially the lives of the youngest,” Harris County Chief Deputy Tim Cannon said.

As the Washington Post reports, Conley is passing the time by talking to reporters from inside in a segregation cell in a Houston jail. Earlier this week, he spoke about his volatile relationship with his on-again, off-again girlfriend over more than a decade. Conley claimed Valerie cheated on him with Dwayne, who he referred to as a “demon” and a “monster” who was “harassing” him. He also said Jackson wouldn’t discipline the children so they were “growing up to be monsters.”

“I understand how it looks, but it’s not like that,” he told the Houston Chronicle. “The Bible says, ‘Thou shall respect your mother and father or your days shall be short.’ I’m not God, but you know, then, I’m the man of the house.”

Although Conley allegedly admitted to the gruesome murders when he was apprehended last Saturday by Houston police, he told news station KCRP-TV,

“They were disrespectful, rude in school. I’m not saying they’re dead because of that. I’m not even saying I killed them.”

CBS reports that Conley had a history of domestic violence against Jackson, something Child Protective Services noted in its 2013 lawsuit. He’s also been arrested for car theft, cocaine possession, robbery threats, and retaliation. Conley said the domestic abuse allegations against him “were all lies.”

“Basically what happened to that case is what happens with so many domestic violence cases: The victim recanted her story,” Jeff McShan with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office told KHOU-TV.

Jackson spoke fondly of her relationship with Conley in 2014, posting on Facebook, “My baby, my best friend, my forever. You have always have put me and our kids ahead of yourself And always take care of home! We love you David Ray Conley III!”

However, after another incident of domestic violence, they called it quits. Then on August 8, after receiving several 911 calls from family members, who had received concerning texts and messages on Facebook from Valerie, Houston police performed multiple welfare checks at Jackson’s home. After a standoff and the surrender of Conley, deputies found the bodies of six children and two adults inside. Click2Houston has provided a timeline of the events leading up to the murders.

A memorial service for all eight victims will be held on August 17 at Fallbrook Church, 12512 Walters Road, Houston, TX 77014. According to reports, the public entrance occurs at 11:15 a.m. and the service starts at 12 p.m. In addition to online donation options mentioned above, you can also make donations payable to Allen Dave Funeral Home.

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