Watch Bizarre Moment 10,000th Shoplifter Gets A Parade & Cake [Video]

To some, any excuse is good enough for a party, and when a store in the Netherlands caught its 10,000th shoplifter on CCTV footage, the woman got flowers, a marching band, and even a cake.

After their 9,999th theft had already passed, management at the Netherlands department store kept their security staff in the loop for the perfect, pre-planned prank, and when the suspect was spotted on camera, it was party time.

The video starts with a manager spotting the alleged shoplifter on the CCTV camera and running down the passageway. He grabs another staff member holding a billboard and they run downstairs.

As reported on CBC, as the manager runs, he yells to someone named Peter to hold the woman. The cheering staff are ready to hand the suspected 10,000th shoplifter a bunch of flowers. There’s even a marching band and a party cake ready to celebrate the unusual and rather bizarre occasion.

As reported in the New York Post, the manager is obviously, if a little manically, happy to see the alleged 10,000th shoplifter. as he runs towards her.

He tells her, of course, she hasn’t done anything and offers her hearty congratulations, saying she is the 10,000th shoplifter in their department store. He then hands her the huge bunch of flowers, all the while accompanied by wild cheering from the staff.

He then places a party hat on the woman’s head and she is offered a slice of celebratory cake while a band plays in the background. There is even champagne on offer, if she could manage to hang around long enough.

However, it seems the 10,000th shoplifter isn’t having any of this weird and truly bizarre celebration and she runs, slice of cake kept firmly in hand. As the shoplifter makes a quick exit from the store’s front entrance, the security beeper sounds.

While the 10,000th shoplifter escaped, this did not affect the party mood one bit and the marching band continued playing while the staff partied on.

The video ends with a sign in Dutch saying, “In the event of theft we (almost) always report to the police.”

In other shoplifting news, the Inquisitr reports that even a lifetime ban from Walmart won’t stop one particular shoplifter. That one definitely won’t get a parade and cake, however.

[Image: Screengrab from hippocampje YouTube video]

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