British Mom Branded Baby’s Cheek With Lighter

A British mom has been jailed after authorities say that she branded her baby’s cheek with a cigarette lighter. The Guardian reports that the 25-year-old mother tried to burn a smiley face into the child’s cheek out of curiosity, and a UK judge took her to task for it. In fact, she may never gain custody of her children again.

The woman is not being named, for legal reasons, but she has been stripped of custody of her children after expressing wicked and cruel tendencies toward them. The judge did not mince words when he convicted her.

“You gravely abused your child. There’s only one word for that [the burn]: Branding. You branded your own daughter’s face in an area that will be visible for the rest of her life. You branded your child in a deliberate and premeditated act. It was wicked.”

The British mom’s attorney seemed to minimalize the abuse her child suffered by referring to the woman as an immature person who did not mean to do wrong.

“These events all took place when she was an immature 22-year-old. She is unable to look after her children or act as their mother.”

Not only was the woman convicted in the branding of her daughter’s face, she was convicted of neglect because she refused to seek medical attention for the little girl after using a cigarette lighter to burn a smiley face into her cheek.

This isn’t the only case in recent headlines involving the burning of a child by a parent or guardian. However, many of these cases ended on far more tragic notes than the aforementioned one. For example, the Inquisitr reported in January that a mother burned her baby alive as witnesses looked on in horror. At first, they believed that the woman was burning garbage or dog feces, but they were wrong.

Also this year, a nurse in Queens scalded her baby to death in a bath before attempting to hop a plane to Nigeria to evade justice. Fortunately, the woman was arrested and charged with murder. In April, a California woman named Porche Wright was arrested after she allegedly poured gasoline on her 7-year-old child in a murder-suicide attempt that failed. The child was severely burned but did survive.

The British mom may have lost her children, but she is fortunate that she did not fatally injure any of them.

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