Ashley Judd Shows Off Fabulous Abs At 47! What’s Her Secret? [Video]

Ashley Judd is a Zumba convert and took to the stage at the 2015 Zumba Convention Kick-Off Session in Orlando, Florida, to show off her body — including her six-pack abs. Ashley Judd, who attributes her amazing abs to the exercise fad, showed off her moves on stage with her trainer.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ashley featured her amazing body, abs included, in a gold and black sparkly bra and tight bicycle shorts. With her hair pulled back, a smiling Ashley showed the crowd just how wonderful Zumba is.

According to Entertainment Tonight, at the conference, which attracted thousands of Zumba fans, Ashley Judd was the keynote speaker. In July, Ashley, who is 47, gushed on Facebook about the exercise fad and how it has helped keep her body toned — including her abs, which is a struggle point for most women her age.

In that post, Ashley wrote, “I’ve mentioned I found Zumba, and that I love it. My inspiration was the cross brain exercise and balance using non dominant & dominant sides of the body (as happens in yoga). It began as just a little something good for the brain, with friends mentioning a class they really enjoyed.”

Ashley continued, attributing her healthy, toned body to her instructor, Javin Bay, who, according to Judd, “can MOVE like nobody’s business.” In her wonderful country vernacular, Judd urged her fans that they can get the same healthy body and toned abs if they try it as well.

“If you haven’t tried Zumba yet, consider stretching yourself and making a class. If the instructor does light you up with joy, try a few others until one tickles your spirit.”

It’s no wonder that Ashley Judd is singing the praises of her instructor. In a recent article by Fox News, Judd was touted as one of the few actresses who haven’t aged since 1995. Still looking young and healthy as ever, Judd has had to fend off rumors that she’s had plastic surgery, particularly on her face and abs. Judd brushed off the gossip, telling fans she just lives healthy. Ashley certainly has the body, and abs, to prove it.

“I get a lot of exercise, drink a lot of water. Of course, I do not smoke, don’t drink, don’t use drugs. Those have hugely deleterious effects on the skin. Oh, and sunblock. Always use sunblock.”

In addition to Zumba, Ashley likes to mix up her exercises to stay focused and interested.

“I’ve over-trained for movies and then burnt out,” Ashley Judd revealed in a 2014 interview. “Now I’m motivated because I know it’s for my own benefit. I practice yoga — I especially love to do my arm balances.” And it certainly benefits her abs!

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