Ashley Judd Shows Off Her Abs At Age 47, Find Out How She Stays In Shape

Ashley Judd is nearing 50-years-old, but that doesn’t keep her from showing off her abs.

During the 2015 Zumba Convention Kick-Off Session in Orlando, Florida, on Thursday, August 12, Ashley Judd wowed the audience with a special performance with her Zumba instructor, Laura Boyd. The Double Jeopardy star, who served as the keynote speaker at the event, took to the stage wearing a gold and black sparkly bra and a pair of black booty shorts.

In July, Judd spoke about the fitness dance program, referring it to an experience of “effervescent JOY” in a post on Facebook. She said she first got interested in Zumba after her friends told her about a class they had taken and really enjoyed. She took them up on going, and instantly fell in love with the way it made her feel.

“Well, y’all, I’ve mentioned I found Zumba, and that I love it,” she wrote. “My inspiration was the cross brain exercise and balance using non dominant & dominant sides of the body (as happens in yoga). It began as just a little something good for the brain, with friends mentioning a class they really enjoyed.”

Ashley Judd also spoke about her workout regime to Fox News Magazine back in June. She explained that she likes to step out of her comfort zone and challenge not only her body, but her brain as well.

“When I work out, I try to challenge myself in other ways,” she told the magazine. “I’ll be in Zumba and the whole class is doing the combination to the right, but I’ll start doing it to the left just to challenge my brain. It improves neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to generate connectivity. It’s regenerating.”

During the same interview, Ashley Judd talked about how she maintains her beautiful glow, crediting the skincare brand Kiehl’s.

“The papaya enzyme mask is one I used to use a lot and now I’m getting back into their skincare, especially the new overnight oil that’s in the beautiful blue glass bottle,” said Judd.”I get a lot of exercise, drink a lot of water. Of course, I do not smoke, don’t drink, don’t use drugs. Those have hugely deleterious effects on the skin. Oh, and sunblock. Always use sunblock.”

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