Ashley Judd Viciously Attacked By Twitter Trolls, Actress Fights Back

Since her tweet regarding the University of Kentucky’s Southeastern Conference championship game, Insurgent actress Ashley Judd has been receiving heat from hateful bashers on Twitter. In response to all the derogatory remarks against the actress, she wrote a personal essay wherein she advocated women’s rights and shared a detailed account of her experience as a victim of sexual abuse.

Last Sunday, the Kentucky Wildcats fan posted a tweet labeling the Arkansas players “dirty.” According to the actress, she deleted the tweet after the game but her post already rounded up a number of vicious feedbacks.

In her essay entitled Forget Your Team: Your Online Violence toward Girls and Women Is What Can Kiss My *ss which she published last Tuesday on, Judd wrote:

“I read in vivid language the various ways, humiliating and violent, in which my genitals, vaginal and anal, should be violated, shamed, exploited and dominated. Either the writer was going to do these things to me, or they were what I deserved. My intellect was insulted: I was called stupid, an idiot. My age, appearance and body were attacked. Even my family was thrown into the mix: Someone wrote that my ‘grandmother is creepy.'”

Likewise, in her write up, Judd explained as to why she reacted strongly to the hateful tweets. In a detailed manner, the actress described her struggle as she recovered from sexual abuse. She shared:

“The summer of 1984 was tough for me. I experienced two rapes by an adult and systematic molestation from another adult, who also had another man in the room watching. I have done purgative, cathartic work on those particular acts of violence.”

Furthermore, the actress added: “I am a survivor of sexual assault, rape and incest. I am greatly blessed that in 2006, other thriving survivors introduced me to recovery. I seized it… Today, nine years into my recovery, I can go farther and say ‘my story’ is not ‘my story.’ It is something a Higher Power uses to allow me the grace and privilege of helping others who are still hurting, and perhaps to offer a piece of education, awareness and action to our world.”

Judd concluded the essay with a call to action. She encouraged the readers to be unafraid to speak out against sexual abuse saying: “We have much to discuss, and much action to take. Join me.”

Last Monday, Judd told MSBNC’s Thomas Roberts that she will be taking legal action against each Twitter user who sent her abusive messages.

“Everyone needs to take responsibility for what they write and not allowing this misinterpretation and shaming culture on social media to exist,” she said.

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