Bill Maher: Iran Deal Is ‘No-Brainer’

On his Friday night talk show, Bill Maher attacked the opposition to the Obama administration’s Iran treaty that limits Iran’s nuclear potential.

“I want to start off with Iran, the Iran deal, we’ve never really talked about it in detail on this show, but its going to be coming up for a vote in a month. For those people who have tuned out because it seems very technical, let me break it down: Its a no-brainer.

“The only argument not to do the deal is pretty much the argument Mitch McConnel put forward the week before Obama took office. Say ‘no’ to everything he does no matter what it is.”

Maher then explained the details surrounding the Iran deal.

“I’ll give you a few of the facts. It calls for Iran to get rid of 98 percent of their enriched uranium. They now have 20,000 centrifuges, after this they have to get rid of all but 6,000 of them; those are the oldest ones that are useless to making a bomb. They have two big reactors, those will be constantly monitored, one of them is in a mountain so an airstrike probably wouldn’t wipe it out anyway.”

Maher articulated that if the agreement is not approved, the U.S. won’t gain any concessions from Iran.

“And the kicker is, if we don’t do this then the sanctions are going to go away anyway, because the other countries aren’t going to keep them up. So we either do the deal and get all this, or we get nothing. So that’s what I mean by no-brainer.”

Even Lawrence Wilkerson, who worked in the George W. Bush administration as Chief of Staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, said the opposition to Obama’s Iran deal is “bizarre.” He also mentioned America’s long history in meddling with the domestic politics of Iran.

Doug Heye, the former communications direction to Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, attempted to defend the Republican position against Obama’s Iran deal. But when pressed by Maher, even Heye admitted that there isn’t an argument against the deal.

Maher further affirmed his point.

“Exactly. There isn’t one. And that’s why you have to filibuster, because there just isn’t one. And by the way the arrogance that we can just knock down any door in their house. Can Iran be trusted? As you [Wilkerson], just pointed out: Can we be trusted? Can they be trusted? Says the country that fomented a coup in Iran in 1953.”

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