The 2016 Honda Accord Is Voice-Operated Via iPhone CarPlay

If this doesn’t make you upgrade to the 2016 Honda Accord, we don’t know what will.

The 2016 Honda Accord is revolutionizing the Honda line with its cutting-edge technology, highlighted by the new iPhone CarPlay, a full automobile integration for several iPhone apps. Those eyeing the 2016 Honda Accord will be pleased to know that the Honda Accord is the first in the mass-market to be able to fully use the iPhone CarPlay. As Fortune reported, the 2016 Accord will be the first, after Ferrari, to make CarPlay accessible to the mass-market.

Gone are the days when people have to keep away from their phones when they are driving. The new Honda Accord will be able to bring car-mobile integration to a whole new level since the mobile’s interface is now embedded directly on the car’s screen. What’s more with the 2016 Honda Accord is that Siri works just as well when you’re driving the Accord. There is less distraction from driving since you can command your iPhone and the Accord by talking to Siri.

Sage Marie, senior manager of public relations at Honda, says that the rationale behind the 2016 Honda Accord is the demand of the market for tech advancement and connectivity.

“At a basic level, customers have been asking us why can’t the technology of the car work as well as the technology of their phones. Connectivity is important to millennials. Our research shows that many of them consider their time in the car as a disruption to connectivity.”

The most basic of apps included with the iPhone are accessible on the Honda Accord’s 7-inch screen via CarPlay like Messages, Music, Phone, Audiobooks, and even Spotify. This means that you can answer a call, reply to a text, change your playlist, and even listen to an audio book via the Honda Accord’s screen or by talking to Siri. One of the most important integration with the 2016 Honda Accord via CarPlay is Maps, which will enable better navigation when driving the Accord. David Adams at Fortune tested the iPhone integration with the Honda Accord and he reports that CarPlay worked without a hitch.

CarPlay, for now, is compatible with the Honda Accord via iOS 7.1 or later with an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6. CarPlay connectivity comes along for free with the 2016 Honda Accord infotainment system.

And of course, Honda acknowledges that not everyone is using an iPhone. Not to fret because the Honda Accord is also compatible with Android Auto, which works the same as the Apple CarPlay.

Edmunds reports that the 2016 Honda Accord will be arriving this August. No set date has yet been announced and the price will be released when more information about the Accord is revealed.

[Image via Apple]