Ariel Winter Reveals Surgery On Painful Breasts: 17-Year-Old Actress Down To A Cup D And Happy

Ariel Winter reveals she had surgery on her size 32F breasts in a recent article of Glamour magazine. The admission by the 17-year-old star of the popular TV sitcom Modern Family, is the latest addition to her real-life drama ranging from statutory rape by her ex-boyfriend to divorcing her parents.

She could not take the pain, her neck was hurting and she was developing problems with her spine, she told Glamour magazine to explain why she undertook the breast reduction procedure in June. The surgery, according to ABC, got her down from an F size to a D size.

Aside from the back and neck discomfort, there was the matter of unwanted attention on her ponderous breasts that bothered her. She explained how they were getting in the way of her being offered acting parts appropriate to her age.

“That’s pretty much all I was known for and that upset me. It made me feel really uncomfortable, because as women in the industry, we are totally over-sexualized, and treated like objects. Once I developed, I couldn’t really play 12 or 13 or 14 anymore. They’d want to send me out for 18 or 19, but the problem with 18 or 19 is that I’m not 18 yet.”

Born Ariel Winter Workman to parents Chrisoula Batistas and Glenn Workman, Ariel is native to Los Angeles, California. Actress Shanelle Gray is her sister and actor Jimmy Workman is her brother. Standing a voluptuous five-foot-one, Ariel credits her physical endowments to her mother, who is of Greek heritage.

Burdened with estranged parents and a dysfunctional family, Ariel had to go through the court system to get her life straight. Her sister Shanelle Gray filed to become her guardian in October of 2012 citing Ariel’s physical and emotional abuse by her mother. In August, 2013, her brother Jimmy Workman contested the arrangement by filing to assume Ariel’s custody from Shanelle. Permanent guardianship was granted to Shanelle on May 5, 2014, and a year later, on May 15, 2015, Ariel tweeted her fans to say that she was officially emancipated from her parents.

Ariel’s mother, Chrisoula, has been described as a “professional stage mom,” Jezebel reveals, who pushed her two other children, Shanelle and Jimmy, into becoming successful child actors. When explaining her surgery, Ariel refers back to the time her mother physically and emotionally abused her and “sexualized” her — making her wear a dress that showed off her breasts. Chrisoula was stripped of her guardianship, ordered to keep a distance of one hundred yards from her daughter and denied access to Ariel’s bank account.

In 2012, Chrisoula filed a police report accusing 18-year-old actor Cameron Palatas of having sex with Ariel who was 14 at the time, according to New York Post. In her accusation, Chrisoula claimed to have caught the two in bed together on September 24, 2012. Cameron plays the character Jake in A.N.T. Farm on the Disney Channel.

As the legal mess gets sorted out and resolved, Ariel revealed her determination to move forward with what the surgery has given her. Guys she’s friends with can start looking her in the eye, she quips.

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