Check Out The New Items, Sets Coming To ‘Diablo 3’ With Patch 2.3

Patch 2.3 is currently on the public test realm for Diablo 3 with features like Kanai’s Cube, the Ruins of Sescheron, increased Torment levels, and several changes to crafting. The patch will usher in those new features, among others, alongside the start of the PC version’s Season Four on August 28. With the patch launch just a couple of weeks away, Blizzard developers decided to preview some of the items players can seek out in Diablo 3.

Three new sets will be added and two existing sets will be updated with patch 2.3. Additionally, new legendary items will be included along with modifications to a few legendary items already in the game. The developers detailed the new sets and the improved sets in full while giving a brief preview of what new legendary items will be added to the game with the update.

The new sets coming to Diablo 3 include a set for Crusaders called Seeker of the Light, a set for Monks called Uliana’s Stratagem, and a set for Witch Doctors called Spirit of Arachyr. The new Crusader set focuses on the Blessed Hammer and Falling Sword abilities with a huge damage buff to both for having a full set. Next, the new Monk set lets the player apply Exploding Palm with every third hit from a spirit generator. The set further improves Seven-Sided Strike and Exploding Palm by making the former activate the latter. Finally, the new Witch Doctor set focuses on improving creature skills while summoning a permanent Spider Queen to aid the player. Two existing sets will also see a few changes when patch 2.3 launches for Diablo 3. The Witch Doctor’s Helltooth Harness and the Wizard’s Vyr’s Amazing Arcana are now different from their current iterations.

Of course, sets are only part of the gearing options available to players in Diablo 3. A number of new items like season-only drops will be available when patch 2.3 goes live. A new Witch Doctor mojo that lessens the first damage of an attack against the player then charms the attacker is one example. Season-only items will only drop for seasonal characters while the season is active on PC. Once the season ends, the new loot will be available to non-seasonal characters. Since consoles do not support seasons, these new items will be available immediately when 2.3 launches.

Patch 2.3 will also let players find Kanai’s Cube, a device that will let the player destroy a legendary item in order to collect its legendary property to use as a passive. For instance, a player can destroy a Ring of Royal Grandeur so that the legendary property is saved in the cube. Now the player can select the ring as active in the cube to gain the assistance of needing one fewer pieces of gear to make a set without actually wearing the ring. The player can then wear two different rings, gain their legendary properties, and still benefit from the Ring of Royal Grandeur as a passive from Kanai’s Cube.

The Inquisitr also reported earlier this week that players can now currently earn new unlocks for Blizzard’s recently released Heroes of the Storm online game by playing Diablo 3. Those who try out the developer’s free multiplayer title can likewise receive free in-game rewards for Diablo 3.

Diablo 3
A barbarian in the Ruins of Sescheron

The 2.3 patch will likely launch before the fourth season starts on PC. That is scheduled for August 28 which means the 2.3 patch is likely to occur on the Tuesday before, August 25. Major patches have been occurring simultaneously on PC, PS4, and Xbox One making it likely that all platforms see the new content around the same time. Which platform do you play Diablo 3 on?

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