Azalea Banks Thinks ‘White People’ Are Out To Destroy Nicki Minaj’s Image

Now that her beef with Iggy Azalea over Iggy’s offensive cultural appropriation has died down, Azalea Banks appears to have found a new target: all white people. Recently, after seeing the new wax figure of Nicki Minaj which was created by Madame Tussaud, Azalea Banks took to Twitter and Instagram to rant about the work of art which she considers “underhanded shade.”

Banks, who has voiced her concerns on racism many times in interviews, reportedly finds the Nicki Minaj wax sculpture to be demeaning. In her social media rants she compares wax sculptures of famous white women to those of black women to make a point that mainstream images of black women usually depict them in a bad light. For one of her examples, she uses the scandalous Martha Stewart prison situation.

Despite Azalea Banks and her opinions, Nicki Minaj was ecstatic about her new wax sculpture and shared in an Instagram post a photo of the sculpture, which she considered to be iconic. In the meantime, Azalea Banks continued to tweet about “white people yo,” and suggested that Nicki Minaj demand a redo.

To get an idea of just where Azalea Banks may be coming from, the sculpture of Nicki Minaj is one of her barely dressed, on her hands and knees, a known position of submission. However, in recent statements, Nicki has admitted to finding the praise of her exposed voluptuous figure to be empowering. Strangely, Azalea Banks said the same thing when she posed for Playboy.


The entire ranting ordeal can mean one of two things for Azalea. On one hand, she’s just trying to be the female Kanye West blaming white people for everything wrong with her life, as she dates a white man. On the other hand, she’s jealous that no one made half-naked wax sculpture of her. After all, Madame Tussaud went full throttle with the unveiling of the Nicki Minaj wax according to IBTimes.

The Nicki Minaj sculpture viewing premiered on August 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The “Anaconda” rapper stated that had she known the unveiling was taking place, she would have showed up for the “iconic” moment.

[Image via Time magazine and The Root]

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