Watch Vladimir Putin’s Face Appear In Flock Of Birds In NYC [Video]

Sheryl Gilbert was visiting New York City with her family recently when a flock of birds suddenly appeared and swirled around in the evening sky. What was amazing was that the birds seemed to form the face of Vladimir Putin.

When Gilbert sightseeing in New York City seated on the top deck of a tour bus, she never imagined this would be the sight she would actually see. Is this real, or is it for the birds?

As the birds whirled around in the sky, they formed the clear outline of a face, and that face appears to belong to the one and only Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin
Is this the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin?

The Mirror Online wonders if maybe the Romans were right when they said you can tell the future by watching birds fly. By seeing Vladimir Putin’s face, they theorize, does this mean there is going to be a Russian invasion?

Sheryl Gilbert said: “Me and my husband were in NYC yesterday and we never thought this would happen.”

Her husband, Gregory West, tweeted about the sight:

While the video does the rounds on the social media, many have speculated that the video is a fraud and an impressive video edit, but Gilbert and West both insist that it is the real deal.

Rather amusingly, even though Vladimir Putin’s name is not mentioned on the video page, the majority of the comments on the YouTube video are in Russian. One comment by Ruslan Chuzin reads: “Don’t be such naive children, installation of medium quality, fake, but funny” so maybe the Russians don’t think it’s real.

Looking at the video above, do you think the face looks like Vladimir Putin, or do you think the whole thing is a fraud? Thinking tongue-in-cheek, is it Cold War time yet again and the Ruskies are about to invade? Let us know below.

Meanwhile on a rather more serious note, the Inquisitr reports that World War III fears are growing as NATO and Russia increase their military exercises.

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]

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