Missouri Woman Hires Undercover Cop To Murder Her Husband’s Pregnant Girlfriend

Sherri Marie Densing from St. Charles, Missouri, has been accused of plotting to have her husband’s pregnant girlfriend killed by a hit man. She didn’t realize at the time that the hit man was actually an undercover police officer.

According to the Huffington Post, 34-year-old Sherri Marie Densing has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. The St. Charles Police Department received a tip that Sherri Densing might be plotting to have her husband’s pregnant girlfriend killed, prompting a swift undercover investigation.

“Somebody had been talking to the suspect and the suspect made some comments that concerned them, so we assigned a detective to look into it,” said police Captain Don Thurman.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported that a cop posing as a hit man set up a meeting with Sherri Marie Densing at a Bass Pro Shop at 7 p.m. on Wednesday. Densing incriminated herself almost immediately, explicitly stating that she wanted the officer to murder her husband’s pregnant girlfriend. Also also provided photos of the intended target. Densing even gave the supposed hit man a set of keys to the victim’s home and vehicle to make the murder easier.

It gets worse. Not only did Sherri Marie Densing settle on a cash payment for the crime, she also handed over several vials of morphine, some prescription drugs, and $60 to purchase a murder weapon. This transaction earned Densing a charge for distributing a controlled substance, in addition to the conspiracy to kill pregnant girlfriend.

The entire meeting between the undercover officer and Sherri Densing was recorded. Facing mountains of evidence against her, the woman later confessed to police that she paid the officer to kill her spouse’s pregnant girlfriend.

While the death of the child is a given with the murder of the mother, Sherri Marie Densing also reportedly asked the undercover officer to kill the unborn baby.

The identity of the pregnant girlfriend has not been released by the authorities.

According to Captain Thurman, detectives are trying to determine the exact motive for the murder-for-hire, but presume that it was provoked by a love triangle between Sherri Marie Densing, her husband, and his pregnant girlfriend.

“We don’t know if she suspected it was a one-time thing or an ongoing affair,” he said. “We’re still working on the investigation to see if there is any continuing danger to the victim.”

How do you think Sherri Marie Densing should be sentenced for hiring someone to killer her hubby’s pregnant girlfriend?

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[Image credit: St. Charles Police Department]

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