Was Jack The Ripper a Female? Author Says Maybe

The Ripper murders in the United Kingdom are among the most well know n in the world. They are also, even after more than 100 years and loads of evidence, unsolved. Suspects for Jack The Ripper have ranged from an itinerant Polish laborer to the eminent Victorian doctor Sir William Gull, and even the painter Walter Sickert.

Author John Morris has decided to jump right into the fray that puts suspicions in the book Jack The Ripper: The Hand Of A Woman on a suspect named Lizzie Williams. Morris extensively researched the case and so did his father.

Lizzie Williams was the wife of Royal gynecologist Sir John Williams, who at one point also became a suspect. Lizzie’s marriage wasa childless and loveless and then at one point her whole family fortune was lost. Now completely dependent on her husband, Morris argues that many women at that point would have done what Lizzie did.

The Ripper victims were all prostitutes, murdered and mutilated in the foggy alleyways of Whitechapel. There is evidence the killer had some level of surgical experience due to the nature of the killings.

Morris’s theory is supported by an Australian genetic expert who says that after testing saliva from one of the letter send to police, he is confident the killer was a woman.

The Ripper killings may just be one of the most investigated killings of all time but the authorities have very little to show

This is not the first time that experts have attempted to use modern policing techniques to identify the Ripper. In 2006, Scotland Yard experts created a modern image of what the Ripper may look like.

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