Five New Singles Within The Last Few Weeks

Several singers and songwriters have been hard at work, and we’ve seen five new singles within the the last few weeks from prominent artists. Some of them seem to have been an instant success, while others are still waiting to take off. For those of you behind on your music news, here are five of the newest singles this year.

1. The Band Perry, “Live Forever”

Friday morning marked the debut of a brand new The Band Perry single, entitled “Live Forever.” The Perry family band played the song for the first time ever on Good Morning America on Friday morning, with glowing reviews. This song is the first track heard from their next album, which they haven’t announced or discussed yet. Kimberly Perry told the following.

“‘Live Forever’ is one of the ‘kingpin’ songs on the new album. The whole spirit of the song feels like everything we were experiencing as we were making this album. It was a song that we wrote with RedOne, and a buddy of ours named Jenna Andrews…[RedOne] brought in that opening line at the chorus, and we were like, ‘Oh, this is a song that we have to write today.’ It was such a blast.”

The song, which garnered instant popularity, is now available on iTunes, and fans anxiously await the announcement of their next album.

2. 50 Cent, “9 Shots”

Even bankruptcy can’t defeat 50 Cent, who turned to music in his time of need, emerging with his new single called “9 Shots.” He presented his song at a Capitol Records party in New York City. This is the second single we’ve seen from upcoming album Street King Immortal. The first was a song entitled “Get Low.” We don’t have a date for the new album yet, but the rapper has hinted at a September release.

3. Robin Thicke, “Back Together”

Robin Thicke debuted the music video for his new single, “Back Together,” a song assisted by Nicki Minaj. The video features Nicki Minaj as the love-interest focus of the song, which is fitting since she helped Thicke write and produce it. The single marked Thicke’s comeback, and critics are calling it his best song yet. He has recently performed the song at GMA and on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the music video was released on August 12.

4. Matt Rock, “Gimme a Sign”

We haven’t seen Matt Rock for a while, mostly because he chose to start anew, eliminating his public identity and becoming somewhat of a recluse in his South London home in an attempt to truly find himself. When he emerged, it was with a brand new single entitled “Gimme a Sign.” He told the following to Consequence of Sound.

” ‘Gimme a Sign’ represents the moment I decided to stop and query everything that was going on around me. Although I don’t necessarily believe in god, I’m trying to tap into a higher source spiritually to give me the answers to the fundamental issues in my life. Am I going in the right direction? Do my relationships hold real meaning? Is kindness or self importance the best way to be? I think all of us have these sort of moments at some stage, and its up to us whether we address or ignore them.”

This song serves as an introduction to his upcoming album, Get Blank, which is set to come out in mid-October.

5. One Direction, “Drag Me Down”

Here is an example of a single that wasn’t so successful. One Direction debuted their newest song, “Drag Me Down,” as a surprise on July 31, but they are having a difficult time getting it played on the radio. Fans seem to be a little less interested in the boy band than they were in the past, and it’s moving in the same direction as its boy band predecessors. It might just be that Zayn Malik was right to get out of a sinking ship and become his own person, after all.

These five new singles to be debuted within the last five weeks are worth a listen — from there, you can determine for yourself if they’re any good.

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