Teresa Giudice Admired By Andy Cohen: ‘I Would Be Happy To Go See Her’

Teresa Giudice has been locked up since January, but she has been able to communicate with the world from the Danbury facility. Many of Giudice’s friends and family members have not seen her since she turned herself in, but her husband and her four daughters take regular trips to Connecticut to see her.

But Teresa Giudice has been keeping in touch with Andy Cohen. Since she was locked up, fans have been wondering whether Giudice will return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey once she is released. Her lawyer once said that Teresa makes the show what it is and Bravo hasn’t filmed without her.

According to a new Bravo report, Teresa Giudice does talk to Andy Cohen, and he recently revealed that she is in good spirits. In fact, Giudice is the same as she was prior to being locked up. And he enjoys talking to Teresa, who still has a good sense of humor.

“She seems like she is okay,” Andy Cohen revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, adding, “She definitely has not lost her sense of humor which I really admire. She’s really funny in her emails.”

Teresa Giudice doesn’t have access to Twitter, but she still manages to get some tweets sent out once in a while. Her daughter Gia has been helping her with that. But Teresa does have access to a special emailing system.

“There’s a special prison [email] system. She has to request you,” Andy revealed, sharing, “You get a request saying, ‘There is a prisoner requesting that you join up to this system.’ Then you have to fill out all this stuff, your social security, all this information. Then you get approved by the system and then once you’re approved you have to log on and then you can email this person.”

It is very possible that Giudice is talking to Cohen so she can get back on the show once she is released. Giudice will be a single mother to four children, as Joe is headed to jail after her to serve over three years. According to the Inquisitr, Teresa Giudice is possibly heading back to The Real Housewives of New Jersey to share her story. And it is possible that Andy could head to Connecticut to see her.

“I would be happy to go see her,” he revealed, sharing that Teresa has about four months left of her sentence if she is granted early release.

Teresa’s children appear to be doing well. They recently attended a birthday party with Melissa Gorga’s children, according to Reality Tea. It is very possible that the families are keeping the peace, given the serious circumstances.

Do you want to see Teresa Giudice return to the show?

[Image via Bravo]