Is Ben Affleck Being Blackmailed By The Nanny?

The Ben Affleck/nanny situation is taking stranger turns than a ride at Disneyland. Now, there could be some logical reason why Affleck would need a nanny in Las Vegas without any of his children, but it looks a bit iffy, and his soon-to-be ex-wife Jennifer Garner is not buying it and is reportedly “very angry.”

A powerful husband sneaking around with the nanny is perhaps the oldest story in Hollywood, and it seems that Ben Affleck is now doomed to be a cliche. It is not helping Affleck’s case that former nanny Christine Ouzounian is strutting around town with a brand new Lexus and posting pictures of herself on a private plane with Affleck and Tom Brady — while wearing Brady’s super bowl rings, no less — on Instagram.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the flight to Vegas via private plane had Affleck, Ouzounian, and New England QB Tom Brady on their way to a celebrity poker tournament when Ouzounian took the picure of herself with Tom Brady’s four super bowl rings and posted the photo on social media. This attracted the attention of even more media than usual, as other NFL players are now calling Tom Brady out for being tacky for flashing his Super Bowl bling in public.

With all of this, and Ouzounian’s very public display of new-found wealth, evidence is piling up against Affleck, despite his public denial and refusal to even acknowledge what is going on around him. Celeb Dirty Laundy is wondering whether the new Lexus and cash infusion are hush money to keep Ouzounian from spilling secrets or even writing her own tell-all.

But if the cash and prizes are supposed to buy Ouzounian’s silence, Ben Affleck better start making bigger payments, as Ouzounian has been telling friends that her relationship with Affleck is “true love,” according to Us Weekly.

Perhaps Ben Affleck has to develop payment plans with Ouzounian’s nanny friends if he wants to prevent Jennifer Garner from getting her hands on even more evidence.

Do you think Ben Affleck is/was having a relationship with the nanny?

[Photo courtesy of Mark Wilson/Getty Images]