Margaret Cho Divorcing Husband After Legal Separation And Miscarriage [Video]

Margaret Cho is divorcing her husband of 11 years, artist Al Ridenour. The pair have been separated since last September, making the announcement in December 2014. Cho filed for divorce last Wednesday in a Los Angeles court, citing “irreconcilable differences” as their “legal grounds for separation,” reports the Daily Mail.

Margaret Cho, who believes nothing is sacred (she’s been quoted saying “I can’t think of a thing that should be hidden” in a New York Times interview), shared that she is divorcing her husband to the media. Although the catch-all reason “irreconcilable differences” was used as a plausible reason for divorcing Ridenour, fans are speculating a recent miscarriage might also be the cause.

In an interview with the New York Times, Margaret said, “[W]hen I got pregnant, it was such a triumph. I enjoyed being superior to everyone else.

Unfortunately, the pregnancy didn’t last, and sadly, Margaret lost the child.

Using her pain to fuel her comedy, however, Margaret Cho confessed about her miscarriage, saying, “I was even more superior. I was tragic.”

Although she’s stayed mum about divorcing her husband so far, Cho will undoubtedly channel that pain as well.

Margaret Cho has also played the race card in her comedy and was under fire for her impersonation of North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un, reports the New York Times.

About the criticism, Cho said, “People want to tell Asian people how they feel about race because they’re too scared to tell black people.”

Separating from and divorcing Ridenour hasn’t been easy on Margaret.

A source close to Cho, at the time of the comedian’s separation, told Us Weekly, “It’s been really, really hard for her. She’s going through a really rough time and she’s really sad about it.”

The marriage between Margaret Cho and her husband was an open one, and Cho, a confessed bisexual, said it worked for a very long time.

According to Us Weekly, during an episode of The Real, Margaret, ever ready to deliver a punch line, confessed, “We got together because we both have this [idea of] ‘I just don’t want to have sex with the same person my whole life. That’s just gross.’”

Despite lusting after both sexes, Margaret wanted emotional intimacy, explaining to Oprah during a January 2014 interview, “I think when you have an open relationship you have to have boundaries, but ultimately, you want emotional monogamy with somebody no matter what. I don’t really think about it more than that, it’s just family.”

Although the wounds of divorcing her husband are still fresh, Margaret Cho, who will joke about any aspect of her life — including her miscarriage — will certainly use divorcing her husband as fodder for her comedy.

[Image credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images]