Idris Elba Enjoyed The Speculation About The Size Of His Penis

Idris Elba has a lot to smile about. British actor Idris is the first man to appear solo on the front cover of Maxim magazine, a slot normally reserved for scantily clad models. According to The Wrap, Elba has a juicy role as an arch villain in the new Star Trek Beyond movie, and Movie Pilot speculates that Elba and Simon Pegg might even prove to be the saviors of the Star Trek franchise.

Elba has been the subject of intense speculation for many months that he may become the first black actor to be cast as James Bond. The speculation began in the wake of the Sony leak scandal when leaked e-mails suggested that Idris could be in the running for the role. Back in December 2014 the Independent claimed that Elba would be the perfect choice to be the next 007.

“Elba has all the credentials of a perfect Bond – he’s suave, intelligent and he looks damn fine in a suit.”

Idris showed that he also has a fine sense of humor when the speculation about the James Bond was raging. Elba took to Twitter to throw out a tongue-in-cheek comment saying “isn’t 007 supposed to be handsome?”

In addition to his acting career Elba is a DJ, a musician and he has even broken the British land speed record. You might say that Idris has plenty of things to be smug about but, according to the Belfast Telegraph, the size of his manhood isn’t one of them.

Last year fans went mad on social media when Idris was snapped on a film set sporting a very impressive trouser bulge. Idris was quick to put an end to the speculation about the size of his penis, the bulge was caused by a mic wire, but that didn’t stop him enjoying the moment. In his interview with Maxim Idris was keen to put the record straight.

“What am I gonna say? I’m not gonna go out there and pretend that I have a 12-foot d**k. It’s just not how I was raised, you know what I mean?”

“For a minute, the rumor was great. I saw my Twitter account rise. I was like, What is this popularity? Oh, oh, I see, it’s ’cause they think I have a massive penis. But we all had fun with it. I certainly did.”

Idris also claims that he doesn’t believe that he will land the role as the next 007 because he thinks that all of the speculation will have put the Bond team off.

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