Jim Cornette Blasts Hulk Hogan’s Racist Comments, Says Iconic Wrestler Is ‘Nuts’

On the most recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience on MLW Radio, Cornette shared his opinions on the controversy surrounding Hulk Hogan’s racist comments that came to light several weeks ago. Always irreverent and outspoken, the veteran wrestling manger and booker picked apart the situation that led to Hogan’s downfall.

“At this point, I think he’s f*****g nuts… Who made Hulk Hogan so mad? We know from what the conversation was that he was mad about Brooke being swayed away from him by some billionaire black guy and his son that she was dating… The billionaire black guy: Are you ready for this resume? Cecil Barker. He managed Sly and the Family and Peaches and Herb… He co-produced “The Midnight Train to Georgia” with his partner. He founded a successful aerospace company which he later sold to Lockheed-Martin… He founded OAO Technology Solutions, an Information Systems Company, which he took public via an IPO on the NASDAQ… He is one of three partners who built the Royal Palm Hotel on Collins Avenue in South Beach, Florida, and he is now a SoBe Entertainment record executive… Who wouldn’t want this guy as an in-law?”

Cornette briefly discussed Barker’s son, who performs as a rapper under the stage name Stack$. He likened Brooke’s ex-boyfriend to TNA President Dixie Carter, suggesting that neither Carter nor Stack$ have talent or insight but rely on their fathers to bankroll their endeavors. Summing things up, Jim Cornette implied that Hulk Hogan might not actually be racist and that Hogan just used the wrong words when expressing his frustration.

“The whole thing could’ve been solved if instead of ‘f’n n-word,’ if he’d have just said, ‘f*****g rappers!’ “

Jim Cornette also shared his memories of Roddy Piper, who recently passed away after suffering a heart attack. Cornette said he learned of Piper’s departure while he was at a wrestling fanfest in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I was a big fan of Roddy’s. Right before I got into the business was right when he got on Crockett’s television and his promos were just a level above. But also, young, aspiring wrestlers: If you go back and you watch his work — not the WWF matches — but if you go back to the Carolinas matches that he had… He was the epitome of a guy who actually was not very big physically, didn’t have an excessive physique. But all of his moves — he threw punches like a boxer. He was vicious with his movements. He looked like he was grabbing you and jerking you around. He was quick and it looked like he hit hard and was aggressive. And that’s how he negated the size difference with guys that he had to work with, all the way up to and including Hulk Hogan. You know, Piper was six feet all and 215 or 220 pounds. It worked and it drew money … Nobody moves and works like that any more and if somebody can take that up, it might be a nice homage.”

Later in the show, Cornette addressed his public dispute with former WCW and WWE grappler Vader. He also juxtaposed Donald Trump’s incendiary campaign rhetoric to the flap over Hulk Hogan’s racist rant.

[Image via WWE]