June 29, 2017
Jay Z Gets Into The Champagne Business

Jay Z is getting himself into the champagne business. It's not odd for a hip hop artist to invest in alcohol. Rapper 50 cent has Effen Vodka, P. Diddy has Ciroc, and now Jay Z has Armand de Brignac. The name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but there's no doubt that this will be a successful venture for Jay, who seems to have the Midas touch.

According to Bloomberg, the hip hop mogul purchased the brand of champagne, which is supposed to be France's oldest established champagne brand.

With Jay Z's involvement, the French brand will start rolling out its first products in October, which includes an all-pinot Blanc de Noir "Ace of Spades" bottle. The bottle's design is elegant but also pops and makes a huge presence, which falls in line with Jay Z's brand.

According to Bloomberg, the bottle is luxurious.

"The new bottle is coated with a metallic finish and hand-embossed with an Ace of Spades symbol hammered out in pewter. (The original brut, which retails for $300, is gold. The blanc de blancs, shiny platinum; the rosé, bright pink; the rare gold cuvée, bright green; and the slightly sweet demi-sec, dark pink.)

"The bottle design, created by French fashion designer Andre Courreges, one of the inventors of the miniskirt, gives the entire Ace of Spades line the requisite luxe fashionista connection. And all of the bottles come in smooth, lacquered black boxes lined in black velvet."

The brand says this champagne, "pairs well with especially powerful or spicy dishes, game, beef, duck, cheese, and caviar."

There's only one "snafu" -- the price. You need to be a high roller, or at least get a few buddies to pitch in if you want to taste Jay Z's champagne. According to the site, a bottle goes for $760 -- and that's per bottle. Six individualized glasses comes out to $125 per glass, so essentially you're paying for $125 glass of champagne.

Of course, pre-orders are already racking up as Jay Z only plans to release 3,000 bottles of the champagne.

This isn't the only thing that Jay Z has his hand in. Earlier this year Jay Z launched a streaming company called Tidal, which gave back to the artists and provided exclusive content to the fans. He also co-owns the 40/40 club, had his own clothing line with Rocawear, and is essentially a sports agent, with clients like the Seattle Mariners' second baseman Robinson Cano, who signed with Seattle last year for over $200 million dollars.

This move into alcohol was simply a no brainer.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]