Chris Brown’s Baby Mother, Nia Guzman, Posts Instagram Video Of Daughter, Royalty, Dancing To ‘Hit The Quan’ [Video]

In a new video on TMZ, from the Instagram account of Nia Guzman, little Royalty is shown dancing, and TMZ compares it to another video of Chris hitting the Quan, as it were.

The 19-second long video of Royalty dancing is peppered with the surprised sounds of presumably her mother, as the little girl dances better, perhaps, than she expected. Royalty’s dance moves might prove that the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree — and that certain skills are passed down through generations.

As reported by the Inquisitr, when Karrueche Tran sat with Iyanla Vanzant to speak about her ex-boyfriend, Tran talked about uncovering the things that would help her love herself more and finally break up with Brown for good. Since that time, news of Chris fathering Royalty broke — as well as news about some of Brown’s close friends allegedly turning on him and stealing $50,000 from a safe in his home.

The “Royalty_Brown” Instagram account has the video of the toddler, showing her following instructions well.

“Hit the Quan.”

“Oh my God!”

Meanwhile, Guzman’s Instagram account, listed under the name “___niaa___” is a private account that points to Y.E.M.G at in the description. With 89 posts and 106,000 followers, apparently Guzman shared the video to her followers, which was, in turn, posted to TMZ. Guzman herself is following 960 people.

The comments section is rife with some bad comments about the video, which don’t bear repeating. As such, a war of words has broken out over those defending the woman’s right to post the cute video of Royalty dancing against those who have bad things to say about the video.

Other Instagram accounts besides those of Guzman have posted videos of Royalty, like an adorable video that shows the toddler smiling as the “Hush Little Baby” song is sung as an overlay.

While Guzman’s Instagram account is private, fan accounts like the one dedicated to Royalty aren’t private, and their reposted fare has won plenty of fans. Especially those saying “awww” over the “Straight Outta Heaven” Instagram post.

[Image via Instagram]