Tom Brady Divorce Report Shocks: Will Gisele Bundchen’s & Tom’s Desire To Be Good Parents Keep Them Together? [Video]

Tom Brady headed for divorce court? Tom and supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen look cozy together in photos, but new reports are hinting that Brady may divorce his gorgeous model wife.

Gisele and Tom are famous as a couple. But despite being known as a glued-together couple, Brady and Bundchen secretly battle, reported MSN.

And an insider revealed that Gisele and Tom have been having problems for awhile.

“Things between Tom and Gisele have been strained for a long time,” declared the source. “Gisele is ramping up the social media activity because her marriage is breaking down.”

And it was at a supposedly happy birthday supper for Brady when a battle that could lead to a divorce began.

Following a vitriolic fight at that dinner, Tom and Gisele engaged in verbal warfare at home, added the insider.

“As soon as they got home, things really came to a head. They started bickering and it turned into a fight where they each dredged up every issue with the other that they’d been suppressing.”

How bad is it? Brady is so close to a divorce that he and Bundchen only communicate by sending each other nasty text messages.

“Things have never been this bad,” revealed the insider. “Gisele told Tom that if he didn’t make more of an effort, she might go back to Brazil for a few months to think about the future.”

Brady and Bundchen married in February 2009. They have two children and supposedly have a prenuptial agreement in place. And they also would want to avoid a drawn-out, nasty divorce because they are conscientious parents, said the source.

“Before they got married, Tom and Gisele already agreed how everything would be divided, so it would be straightforward. They’d have every reason to stay civil about their finances. They’re both great parents. They’d want to keep things nice and easy for their sake, if nothing else.”

Brady and Bundchen have repeatedly shared their love on social media, however, including on their sixth wedding anniversary, reported the Huffington Post.

Gisele even shared a picture of herself, clad in her white wedding gown, next to Tom.

“Magical day! #tbt ?????? Dia mágico!” wrote Bundchen.

It’s not just a possible divorce that is causing rumors about Bundchen and Brady.

As the Inquisitr reported, for Gisele and Tom, country club admittance has always been one of the perks that accompany life as one of the nation’s most recognizable high-powered couples. But now they face resistance in their desire to join Brookline, Massachusetts’ The Country Club (TCC).

TCC is well-known for valuing the art of discretion. And with Brady immersed in DeflateGate and his high-profile supermodel wife constantly photographed, Gisele and Tom aren’t exactly the prize clientele that the other country club members desire, which could get them banned.

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